7 Ways Running Changed My Everyday Life

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I discovered running (as an adult) in the same way that a lot of people might, I was looking to lose weight. While I had run cross country in high school, an ankle injury sidelined me for most of my time on the team and ultimately was my excuse to stop running. Fast forward 10 years…I was 30lbs overweight and looking for a way to start losing it. A different elliptical at the gym didn’t feel right one day so I decided to give the treadmill a try…I haven’t looked back since. It wasn’t until I stopped running while pregnant with Baby B that I realized just how much running changed my everyday life.

7 Ways Running Changed My Everyday Life

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1. Lost Weight

As I mentioned, the main reason I started running (again) in the first place was to lose weight. Over a period of about 8 months I lost around 35lbs while using running as my main exercise. At first I was just trying to get in 15 minutes of cardio, but suddenly it became my main form of exercise. Not only could I run at the gym on the treadmill, but I could run outside if a trip to the gym wasn’t going to happen.

2. Changed Eating Habits

One of the biggest ways running changed my everyday life is that suddenly I became a healthy eater. While I was trying to lose weight anyways, running made me crave healthier food. After a good long run the last thing I want to eat is a cheeseburger. If I ran in the morning I often would want a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and by something simple by dinner. My snacks switched to fruits and I ate more vegetables than I ever thought I would.

3. Relieved Stressed

I can’t begin to tell you how many times a stressful day has ended with my best run of the week. Nothing feels better than hitting the treadmill after a long day and just letting it all out. It is amazing how getting lost in a run with your music can change your whole attitude about a day.

It is amazing how getting lost in a run with your music can change your whole attitude about a day. Share on X

4. Less Aches & Pains

Ironically I didn’t realize how much less I was hurting every day until I stopped running. The activity each day was keeping me moving and my muscles a lot less tense. Yes, pregnancy adds more aches and pains but I have realized how much more I was able to move around and chase a toddler when I ran more consistently.

5. More Energy

Maybe this goes with the less aches & pains, but I also found that I started having even more energy throughout the day. Instead of two cups of coffee, I only need one after a morning run. The adrenaline rush from my runs can be enough to boost my energy for the entire day.

6. New Friendships

Sports in general always tend to bring friendships with them. Through finding people to run races with, training for races and simply needing someone to congratulate after a race I’ve renewed old friendships and made new friends. Some of them I may never see again after a race but when that runner next to you gives you that encouragement you need at mile 9, you can thank her later.

7. Set An Example

To me the biggest way that I realized running changed my everyday life was the example I’m able to set. My niece came to watch my first half marathon and after I remember hearing her say she was “running like Aunt Kristin” in the living room. Now when we pass a runner on the street, Little Man (who understands a little more) will say “look mommy, it’s you!”

How Has Running Changed Your Life?
Have You Ever Taken a Break From It?

7 Ways Running Changed My Life

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Love this! I JUST posted on my blog today about Marathon Training! I just started training for my second marathon, but first one since having a baby and I agree with all of your points! I run to relieve stress, stay motivated, increase my energy, and quite honestly it keeps me sane!!! Keep it up 🙂

    1. I love that they all happen for other people too! Enjoy your running!

  2. So awesome to hear how much running has changed your life. I love to run too, but I can’t do it very often because my hips get very sore.

    1. Oh no 🙁 Have you tried getting fitted to see if your shoes have the right support?

    1. It is AMAZING how much changing your daily habits can affect every aspect of your life! I completely understand not wanting to eat something because of calories!

  3. I’m so awful at running, it’s the one exercise I just don’t like. But it does so much good, I’ll have to try to get into it like you have.

    1. I don’t think anyone is awful at running! I understand if you don’t like it though, have you tried listening to music or podcasts?

  4. This is so amazing 🙂 People usually start exercising to lose weight but then find out it does a ton of other things besides just weight loss. I discovered running as an adult too but have recently fell off the bandwagon. I too need to lose about 30 or so pounds but I really want to just focus on building a daily habit of exercising. Thank you for this motivational blog post.

    1. I am happy to motivate! I understand, daily exercise is such a great habit to have!

    1. Have you ever been fitted for shoes? I had horrible ankle problems and was really struggling to run. After I got fitted for the right support it changed everything!

  5. So many great benefits! I often take classes at the gym, but get on the treadmill occasionally too. I really want to make running a bigger part of my life, and you’ve given me some motivation.

    1. Always happy to motivate! I can’t believe how much it changed things for me! Good luck!

    1. Walking is awesome! I absolutely love going for walks at night!

  6. The community of exercise is very powerful. I also love the fact that exercise actually helps many injuries ad generalized joint pain. Many people think that exercise will flare them up. Thanks for the great share!

    1. Exercise does make such a difference with injuries, sometimes it has to be modified but it’s still a wonderful way to rehab!

  7. I’m a beginner runner. =) I’ve slowly been doing the Couch to 5k program to train for my first running 5k in September and I can agree with pretty much all of these. If my daughter’s giving me a particularly stressful day, I’m finding myself wanting to get out and run all the stress away!
    Jaime recently posted…The Kids Behind The Blog June 2016My Profile

    1. That is awesome!!! Couch to 5k is an awesome program and gives you plenty of time to train! Good luck!

  8. Love this! Running has so many benefits other than just improved fitness! i totally hear you on changing your eating habits. People kept asking me if I ate anything “epic” after my marathon and I was like no- I crave healthy foods to replenish and restore my body! Anyway- so happy that running has brought so many positive things into your life!
    kerri mcgrail recently posted…Why I’ll never do another Whole30My Profile

  9. Loved this, and I completely agree with you. I’m an amateur soccer player, and after a while, you get so used to all the exercise and activity that it’s practically impossible to sit home idle. I always say, there’s no anti-depressant quite like a bit of fresh air and exercise. Best of luck to you with the kids and the future marathons!
    Rafa recently posted…The Ten Best Soccer Free Kick Takers of All TimeMy Profile

  10. I believe that running is a great exercise. Because I was over weight and I wanted to be slim. Many of my friend suggest me many online course, food, and medicine but nothing works for me.
    At last by the suggestion of one of my friend, I started running for 1 hr every day. Yeah and It worked.
    Now I’m slim what I wanted before 2 yr.

    Thanks for sharing your post!
    Richard Robertson recently posted…Best goalkeeper gloves 2017 With Ultimate Buying GuideMy Profile

    1. My biggest recommendation for shoes is to go get fitted! Everyone is different when it comes to shoes and what works for someone might not work for someone else! Definitely go to your local running store and have them watch you run!

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