Sweat, Rain & A Chest Cold

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3.83I have been fighting some sort of cold/flu bug for the last week. Friday the wonderful bug it is decided to settle into my chest.After running really only once last week I wanted to get a run in on Saturday & a run in on Sunday.

Saturday I mapped out a 3.5 mile route thinking I would be all set. Somewhere along the line my map must’ve gotten confused because when I actually ran it, it turned out to be 3.83 miles. Ooops! It wasn’t the fastest time I’ve ever run, but hacking up a lung every few minutes also played a factor in it. I would say averaging under a 9:00 mile felt pretty good for barely being able to breath.

After all of the Mother’s Day festivities were done on Sunday I was relaxing, cleaning and preparing for my “long run” when the wind kicked up, the sky got dark and we got hit pretty bad with a storm. When I say pretty bad, I mean this morning I found the roof of our front porch in our neighbors backyard. It was fun. Needless to say, with hail, wind, rain & lightening there was no way I was going outside. I was past the point where my gym was open so I wound up calling it a day and relaxing instead. My cold probably preferred it realistically.

Heat, sweat, damn...Tonight it was time to get back at it and head back out. I’m not one to run at night so I wanted to get my workout in before the sun went down. Today was a whopping 86 degrees (a week ago it was 40!) so it has been a huge adjustment during my evening runs. My cough is still pretty strong so while I was attempting to push myself I was also feeling a little bit rundown. I’m hoping by Wednesday to get back out again and be feeling closer to normal. TECHNICALLY my time tonight was 26:33 but I’m an idiot and hit the start button a second time on my watch. Oops. I really need to invest in a watch that allows me to pace. While I love the Nike Running app, I am just not a fan of constantly having to check my phone while running. Someday.

Rockin Out To: Workout Playlist

Sporting: Old Navy Tank Top (Run, Rest, Repeat) & Old Navy Capris.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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