AboutUs.Org Site Report – A Review

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

A few weeks ago AboutUs.org introduced a new product, a site report tool that will allow businesses of all sizes to submit their website and receive a report back on their SEO. Aliza was kind enough to contact me with a coupon to try it out.

First, I have to admit, I’m a sucker for website reports. Wednesday mornings are exciting for me because that means Raven SERP Reports are updated, I love reading stats in Google Analytics and no website I work on is complete without a run through Website Grader.

Did I mention I’m a nerd?

This week I decided to check out the site report feature at AboutUs.org.

First things first, a quick overview.

The site report costs $9.95 a month per website, but you can continuously run the reports throughout that month. You have the ability to enter one domain and select up to 50 pages on that domain for the report to give you details on.

For every new domain you add it is an additional $9.95, so keep that in mind before you start quickly running reports.

I ran www.leggingsandlattes.com through the site report and was excited to see how much information I received. When I went to save off the website report it was 26 pages long! Keeping in mind I had it run 43 URLs.

Things to Note:

  • I LOVE the layout. When you’re viewing your report you have the ability to see the problems, the warnings and the positives about your site.
  • Drilling down into each page of content brings you a wealth of information, things I would have never thought of such as how many words in your title!
  • In a quick chance to save my report off I went to print to a pdf and the printable report is WONDERFUL. For anyone looking to try and explain SEO problems to someone who isn’t too sure about SEO, having this hard copy is AWESOME. They even show you with diagrams on a page where some of these elements are.

I mentioned that I’m a huge fan of the Website Grader. I think this tool used in conjunction with that can help direct any website get started on figuring out where they need to go with SEO.

At the end of the day, if you really want to improve your SEO, tools like this can give you an understanding but they won’t fix all of the problems. For companies who want to focus on SEO, I would always recommend hiring an SEO company to do the work.

For smaller businesses who are looking for an overview of their site at a low cost, I would recommend to start by checking this out. Signing up for a monthly fee may not be the direction you need to go, but I believe you can cancel at any time.

While you’re checking out the site report tool, don’t forget to check out the AboutUs.org Learn section! There are some great authors in there. 🙂

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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