Back to School Friday Favorites

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Back to School(Picture Thanks To Anders Ruff Custom Designs)

While I know some of you still have a few weeks to soak up what is left of summer vacation, around us in the Midwest school is officially back in session. Little man isn’t quite old enough to understand what summer vacation is (or was) but he and daddy had a pretty awesome one at home. Now we are back to the days of the longer commute (thanks school buses) and grumpy kids but I think it is safe to say that there are some pretty awesome things about this time of the year as well.

School Supplies

I can’t be the only geek who loves looking at school supplies? I banned myself from going to target this month to avoid looking at all of the fun binders & notebooks. It is safe to say that I don’t need anymore, but they are so pretty… who can turn them down? Especially when they’re on sale…

Back to School Sales

While Kohls has a sale for every other week, I have been enjoying keeping an eye on back to school sales at all stores in the area. I rarely will pay full price for clothes so I’ve been stocking up where I can. Did anyone else hear about the amazing deal last week at the Gap? With two coupon codes you were able to get about 70% off. While it worked for some, others had their orders cancelled. Me? I’m enjoying my 5 new shirts that I got for only $18.

Adorable First Day of School Pictures on Facebook

If your Facebook newsfeed looks anything like mine, it’s filled with pictures of kids holding signs that say “first day of ___ grade” and they all look adorable. It is the one day of the year that they go off to school all dressed up without with only some argument of what to wear. Their hair is done, their shoes are tied & we all know it will be a great year.

It’s okay, we understand that tomorrow they won’t look half as put together as they are today.

Friday Night Lights

High school football is back. Growing up I did not go to a football school. Our school was small & we’ll just say football was not our sport. My husband’s school is a very big sports school & their football games are a lot of fun. While this is considered a Fall activity by most, to me it is an end of summer/back to school activity for two reasons.

  1. By the time fall hits and the weather changes, it is too cold for me to sit outside and watch football. For now, 75 degrees on a Friday night, I’m there.
  2. I get bored watching high school football after a few games.

Yes, I’m going to head on over and re-watch Friday Night Lights now too. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

A Routine

Parents around the country jump for joy (or cry their eyes out) as their kids get on the school bus. Moms joke on Facebook that they “survived” another summer with the kids at home. While I’m sure they’re sad to see them go, I can relate to the elation of having a morning routine again.

I love my routines & have been so thrown off the last few months without one.

So long summer vacation, you were pretty awesome…but I’m okay with everyone heading back to school now too.

What is your favorite part about the school year? What sales did you hit up?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. It was a great sale! As much as I’m not a football fan the atmosphere is so exciting!

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