If We Were Having Coffee in (Almost) July

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We are suddenly a day away from July and I’m trying to figure out where June went. Every time I turn around the days get faster and faster. Some days I feel like that is a good thing but more often than not lately I find myself saying wishing it would all slow down. We haven’t had a virtual coffee date in almost a month so let’s have a cup of coffee (or tea) together and catch up.

If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that Summer is in full swing and I love that we are able to be outside. The days are longer, the energy Little Man has is incredible and being able to mix the two have been awesome. Sleep has been lacking but in the grand scheme of things what toddler needs sleep? Oh wait…

I would tell you we finally are seeing success on potty training. Some days are better than others but I finally feel like we are there with the big boy potty thing. It is safe to say that I really thought there was no end in sight for awhile. 

I would tell you that we are officially at 30 weeks for the baby and have approximately 10 left to go. I’ve changed up my water to 128+oz a day and that mixed with eating more balanced meals has finally given me the energy I’ve been missing for the last 20ish weeks. It is an amazing feeling to actually want to stay awake past 7pm at night. 

I would tell you that I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with family. We see them so rarely that it will be wonderful to catch up with everyone. Plus, there are some new little ones to meet!

I would tell you that I have been trying to keep up with reading more in Instagram lately and Later.com has been my new favorite tool. I’m still using the free version but I love how it works. If you are at all looking for a way to get more out of posting, check it out. You won’t regret it!

I would tell you that cleaning a house with a toddler is the most frustrating but most fun I’ve ever had cleaning. Little Man loves to clean so he has spent a lot of time this Summer helping with chores around the house. They always take 10 times longer and somehow he always winds up soaking wet. Yet when he is done, he can’t stop talking about it. We’ll see how this lasts when he’s a teenager. 

I would tell you that after one of the weirdest Springs we finally settled into a routine with the weather being warm. We haven’t seen lots of rain in a few weeks, but at least there is no snow! Although, suddenly it is 65 degrees again and Summer turned back into Spring. Mother Nature just doesn’t like to make up her mind. 

I would tell you that lately I’ve missed going for long runs. Then again, I wouldn’t make it a quarter of a mile if I tried right now. Just the sanity of clearing my head and getting a good workout sounds so amazing. I need to remember that come Fall when I can really get back to it.

I would tell you that this weekend is going to be nuts but I can’t wait. The fireworks around us have started already and I’m sure there will be more tonight.

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend everyone! 

If we were having coffee together today, what would you tell me about life?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I would tell you that I am beyond excited to have a long weekend with family and friends! It has been such a hectic week for me at work, so an extra day off is much needed!

  2. I would tell you that for once I am so excited for my husband to return from his work trip next week cause I really need 5 minutes alone (without my 2 ankle biters) – 5 minutes alone is enough, anymore and I would start missing them.

    1. Haha, good luck! I totally understand the needing a few minutes alone!

  3. Congrats on the potty training! I’m still working with my twins and we’re definitely at that “no end in sight” stage. I bought all three of my boys ear muffs/covers for this weekend in preparation for the fireworks. It’s the first time we’re taking the twins, and they are pretty sensitive to noise. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!
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    1. Thank you! Potty training is incredibly frustrating but so nice once it’s done. I guess a year in the making we should be celebrating, huh? The no end in sight is horrible. I feel for you! I hope your twins pick up on it soon! I hope you enjoyed the fireworks!

  4. I would tell you that things are finally falling into place with my blog, thank you Lord. I’d also tell you that I’m impatiently waiting the delicious food that will be cooked this weekend.

    1. That’s awesome!! Congrats on getting everything together with your blog!

    1. It really is! I swore there was nothing worse than teething…. and then potty training came along!

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