Eleven On Top By Janet Evanovich

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Eleven on TopRemember how I said it would be a week of Plum fun? Yea, I wasn’t kidding around. After To the Nines and Ten Big Ones I was anxious to start Eleven on Top.

From the start I knew Eleven on Top would be a good book. For starters, Stephanie quits her job as a bounty hunter and finally listens to her mom and applies for a job at the button factory. Throughout the book she has 4 different jobs outside of the bounty hunting job. The last (and longest of the four) involves working for Ranger.

As expect, Morelli doesn’t take the news too lightly, but at the same time he realizes that it means she will be locked in a building guarded by Ranger keeping her safe. Just as Stephanie was convinced her life would no longer be filled with murderers and bad guys, an old enemy turns up and is out to get her.

From car bombs to exploding garages, Stephanie manages to prove that even as a ex-bounty hunter she is in for trouble.

“Uh oh,” Lula said. “Here comes Officer Hottie, and he don’t look happy.”
Morelli moved behind me and curled his fingers into the back of my jacket collar. “I need to talk to you . . . outside.”
“I wouldn’t go if I was you,” Lula said to me. “He’s wearing his mad cop face. At least you should make him leave his gun here.”
Morelli shot Lula a look, and she buried her head in the chicken bucket.”
Janet Evanovich

While Morelli winds up injured, Stephanie moves into his house again to help take care of him. They share a case that Ranger had been working on that she believes is tied to the case Morelli is working on. In true Stephanie Plum fashion, she finds herself in the middle and her stalker related to the two cases at hand.

Stephanie’s sister is also in the midst of getting married. Albert has started to show his nerves and Valerie is taking Lula’s advice for dieting. With an interesting twist, Stephanie manages to weasel her way out of her eggplant maid of honor dress.

I really liked Eleven on Top and actually pulled off reading the whole book in a day. They go pretty fast in general but I had a problem putting it down once I started. While the book followed it’s normal twists and turns (car bombs, dead people, Bob eating things) there was the usual unexpected twist at the end of the book.

Janet Evanovich is still continuing to evolve Stephanie as the books go on. Each book she seems to take another step towards commitment and even goes into detail asking both Ranger and Morelli where they stand in life. I had heard a lot of the books seemed to die out after book 9 or so but to be honest I think they keep getting better. Stephanie still finds herself in odd situations, but is still funny and truly being human with her emotions.

Within minutes of finishing this one, I had to get started on Twelve Sharp.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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