Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanoivch

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Ten Big OnesAfter loving To the Nines so much, I was hoping Ten Big Ones would be just as funny as the previous book. The books seem to rotate between informational and funny you never know what you’re going to get. While it was not my favorite book so far in the series, I loved how this book played out and the secrets that we got to learn about Ranger.

Valerie and Albert have finally set their wedding date. Sally Sweet is back as their wedding planner and Grandma has officially gone insane with the amount of commotion in the house. Stephanie had been living with Morelli for the most part, so she decided to let Valerie and Albert have her apartment for the time being. She moved her stuff over to his house until she found that she was being followed.

It turns out that Stephanie had upset a gang named the Slayers. They were out to get her and even brought in a man from LA, named Junkman, to take care of the job. Ranger was out of town and since she was yet again down a car, Stephanie was allowed to borrow Ranger’s truck.

While trying to find safety, Stephanie decided to follow the GPS in Ranger truck in hopes of finding the Batcave. While she did not come across the Batcave (or so Ranger says), she did find the Rangeman Headquarters complete with Ranger’s apartment on the top floor.

In an attempt to stay out of the spotlight and get some space from Morelli, Stephanie moved in.

Throughout the book we get a little more of a glimpse into Ranger’s life and I like that aspect. He let’s Stephanie in on a few secrets, but still won’t let her in on his secret life completely. As I mentioned, this book wasn’t as full of funny one-liners as the previous one had been, but at the same time I liked how it was more about Stephanie trying to figure out what she wanted.

One thing that kind of drove me crazy about this book is that the action didn’t really start (or end for that matter) until my kindle said that I was 98% of the way through. It happened pretty fast and didn’t leave much time to digest the whole situation. Although, I was pretty happy with the character who saved the day. It was a nice change from previous books.

Even if it wans’t my favorite, I’m already well on my way through Eleven on Top!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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