Freezing Friday Favorites

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Freezing Friday FavoritesThe snow is attempting to melt but the temperature is preventing that from happening. Yesterday it was a whopping -6 degrees as we left our house in the morning and it is safe to say I would rather have stayed in front of the fireplace for the day.

Outside of playing Thomas & duplo blocks with my favorite little man all week I’ve found a few other things to keep me occupied inside during this freezing cold week. It is safe to say, Mother Nature is NOT at the top of my favorites list this week.


I have become addicted to this site! This year I made a point to get back into reading. I logged into my Goodreads account for the first time in a few years, imported all of my “to read” books from Amazon and have been finding so many more books I want to read. It’s awesome to see what my friends are reading, what new books are out there & see suggestions based on books I’ve already read. I’m not going to lie, it makes me feel accomplished to mark off further percentages in my books! Did you know they have book give aways too? Are we friends on Goodreads?


Nerd alert! My sport has always been gymnastics. I could watch hours and hours of gymnastics (just ask my mom how many times she’s watched the Atlanta Olympics). I don’t always catch meets on TV (but am so thankful for USA Gymnastics’ YouTube page) but I love to keep up with the latest gymnastics news on Twitter. About two years ago the podcast, Gymcastic, emerged and has been a saving grace of catch all gymnastics news. Every once and awhile I get behind and then spend a week catching up. They’re hilarious & full of information, although I highly advise against listening to it with little ears around… they are PG-13.


Okay, I swear I’m not always about the cold medicine! We have been fighting nasty colds in our house most of the winter so we’ve tried a few different things. Sunday night I discovered Mucinex Sinus Max and this stuff was AWESOME! After not sleeping for more than a week the night time one finally helped me sleep without the cold medicine hang over that Nyquil always leaves me with. I promise, no more cold meds on Friday Favorites!

My Kindle

Last week was crazy. Absolute nuts. By the time Sunday rolled around, we had a happy toddler with his new Thomas toys and mommy hit the couch with her cold medicine and my Kindle. Reading a secret book (more on that in a few months) I didn’t move the entire day. It was amazing. I won’t lie, the only reason I even got dressed (at 6:30pm) was to go to Walgreens. Don’t judge, you know you love days like that on occasion too!

This is Why Moms Get Nothing Done

This Video. Watch It. You’ll understand.

What is your favorite thing this week? Comment below!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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