I'm a Mom… What's Your Super Power

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Smoothies, pants, shoes, socks, lunch, dinner planned, cheerios, apple juice not a smoothie, spiderman socks not mickey mouse socks, watch Thomas, start car, make coffee, fill with apple juice creamer.

Deep breath.

Mornings are crazy to begin with, throw in a toddler and life just gets more and more interesting. Starting the day off on two right feet usually means the day is off to a good start, but it all could change in an instant.

The smoothie maker squirts strawberry smoothie all over my shirt.

Mickey waffles from this weekend are gone so the debate of a morning graham cracker snack or applesauce becomes a strong one. Don’t even get me started on the fruit snack debate.

Goodbye hugs for daddy and Wrigley followed by many questions about whether daddy went to work or school. The answer is always the same, but it’s amazing how many different ways the question can be phrased.

As we walk out the door we say goodbye to Thomas or Pickle, whichever morning show we just watched 5 minutes of. We made it. Another normal morning that sometimes feels like complete chaos.

One of these days I’ll get it perfect. Maybe one day I’ll earn the title of Super Mom. For now I love every minute of just being “mom”.

If you didn’t catch my first post, Rebecca from The Housewife Memoirs & I have challenged each other to keep up with a writing prompt from 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts. Every few weeks we are choosing different prompts to challenge ourselves. 

This week’s prompt was:

You are granted one super power. What is the power and what do you do with it?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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