Friday Favorites And December Fun

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Happy Friday! Today is one of those days I can honestly say TGIF! I do not want the December fun to disappear but I feel like my week has been filled with a lot of “go go go” and planning for the next few weeks. I have zero complaints and I’m so incredibly excited for Christmas with Little Man and family this year, but I can’t believe how fast December is flying already. There are so many great things happening around the internet this week (hello gift guides), here are a few of my Friday Favorites.

It is no secret that I am a fan of The Bachelor. Little known fact, I thought the show was incredibly stupid and used to always post on Twitter about how annoying it was. When I was home on maternity leave with Little Man a friend texted me telling me that I HAD to watch the current season of The Bachelor (Sean Lowe) because it was the best one ever and was ending that week. I binge watched the entire season in two days and have been a huge fan of Sean and Catherine (and The Bachelor series) since. This week Sean and Catherine announced that they are expecting and I was jumping for joy! What is it about celebrity couples that get us that excited?

Friday Favorites: Simone Biles Marvel
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Speaking of celebrities… Simone Biles was recognized as an Impact Athlete this week and Marvel did an amazing comic of her. Can someone make that leotard happen for US Nationals next year? Please?

One of my favorite running bloggers, Hungry Runner Girl is one of my Friday Favorites just for her open and honest blogging. I’ve been reading her blog for about a year now and she doesn’t hold anything back, I love it! She has had a very frustrating Fall marathon schedule and I love that she has shared the entire experience with readers. Usually you only hear about the upside of training for marathons, not the work that goes in behind it. If you are a runner or a mom I highly recommend checking out her blog. The daily antics of her daughter are also hilarious.

On the topic of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca (Author of Cadence: Secrets of Wings) is writing a new novel specifically for her blog. Check it Mascot Girl and keep up to date on her blog. I’m trying to get caught up on it now but I highly recommend checking it out!

Four years ago yesterday was one of my favorite moments in Indiana Basketball (as most fans would say). My dad was not doing so well fighting cancer, my husband and I had been married just over a month and we (along with my mom) were all spending time together in the center my dad was at. The Indiana Kentucky game was in full swing and we all were screaming as the “Wat Shot” happened. I still can’t watch it without crying or thinking of my dad. We rarely watched sports so watching it all together was a lot of fun and just a wonderful memory, despite where we were.

Finally a few sports themed Twitter accounts that have been making my week.

  • Fake Homer Drew – Valpo fans will understand this one, but I have spent a lot of time laughing over his tweets the last few weeks. If you watch Valpo basketball at all I highly recommend giving him a follow.
  • Gymcastic – Not new, but all gymnastics fans need to be following them. Their honest opinions, tweets and comments about the gymnastics community will keep you up to speed on everything you miss!
  • Assembly Call – Switching gears to Indiana Basketball, they are full of information but also some funny tweets along the way too. Just watch for the #Prillertime hashtag for every game. You’ll get a good laugh.

What are your Friday Favorites?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. I’m excited for this season coming up, Ben H looks like he will make it a fun one!

  1. I love your favorites! I guess mine would be spending more time with my family and friends since it was my birthday this week! <3

    1. I love her blog! It is a daily read for me and I love how even on the bad days she finds a positive.

    1. I always love putting this post together on Fridays, lots of fun things each week!

  2. I’m a huge bachelor fan. I know it’s totally silly, but it’s so entertaining. I’m definitely happy it’s Friday. It seemed like the longest week ever. I’m happy I got to go out with my mommy friends tonight and enjoy some adult conversation.

    1. That sounds like so much fun! I love having mommy friends for the conversation. I’m excited for Ben H’s season of bachelor coming up!

  3. Hello!
    This weekend was my annual Christmas party and while it is always a great time one of my favorite parts is the day before the party I open a bottle of wine and prep the food and everything and it’s so much fun! So that was my Friday favorite just partying prepping lol
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