Friday Favorites – Getting Organized

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Friday Favorites

Since Winter decided to come back for another week (or two?) most of my week has been spent inside looking out the window wishing we could go for our evening walks. Unfortunately snow, rain and thunderstorms don’t make for a great trip to the park. One of these days we’ll get more than a quick warm day.

While I’m stuck inside I’m on an organization kick. I’m bound and determined to have my whole house cleaned and organized soon. Don’t worry I’m laughing as much as you are. At least for this week things are moving in the right direction to get organized and I’ve found some awesome resources this week.

I saw a planner super organized on Instagram last week and I have been determined to try and get mine just as organized. It hasn’t quite worked out but these stickers are amazing and I want to order them all. Did anyone else not know how many Erin Condren stickers there are available on Etsy? I may or may not have a few packs coming my way this week! 

Has anyone started their Spring cleaning yet? I technically didn’t mean to start mine this week but the reality is I’m in full on cleaning mode. This checklist was posted on Facebook this week and I’ve saved it off as I dig deeper into Spring cleaning!

The theme this week in the blog world seems to be goals and goal setting. Right now my goal is usually to stay awake past 9:00pm but some other bloggers have some awesome goals set for the month of April. Young & Rungry tackled advice for goal setting over on In it 4 the Long Run. I highly recommend you check out her suggestions. Maybe next month I’ll set more realistic goals?

For those of you who read/are involved with blogs, An Uncomplicated Life has some great thoughts this week on Things I Don’t Understand About Bloggers. I may or may not have laughed out loud at a few of them, but I completely agree with a lot of it.

As for the list of things I am NOT excited about this week, it is the end of an era at Valpo. Starting next season there will not be a Drew on the bench for Valpo Basketball. Good luck Bryce! Valpo will miss you but we are excited about Matt Lottich and the next chapter in the “non-Drew” Valpo family.

What are your favorite things this week?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I’m ready to start spring cleaning! And the EC stickers on Etsy… it’s like a dangerous rabbit hole you can fall down! But it is fun to have some cute stickers in my planner. I don’t like to completely cover my planner in stickers like some people do, but I definitely like to add cute/functional stickers to my planner.

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