Spring Running Clothes – Must-Haves For Crazy Spring Weather

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Depending on where you live, Spring is here. So we had a little snow in the Midwest again this weekend…at least it was 60 the next day, right? The up and down weather means it is time to say goodbye to the treadmills, break out the Spring running clothes and hit the street again for Spring runs. Unfortunately, you never know what each day could bring so why not treat yourself to some new Spring running clothes. 

Must-Have Spring Running Clothes

Brooks Streaker Hoodie – Early morning runs mean long sleeves might be necessary for a few more months. This hoodie is lightweight so there is room to breath but will cover enough to get you going in the morning!

Brooks Pureproject Seamless Tank II – Carrying on the theme with Brooks, on those days you’re not too sure what the weather is going to be like it can’t hurt to have a tank that matches your long sleeves. You never know when you might get a little too warm. 

Nike Legend 2.0 Dri-Fit Active Leggings – I was gifted a pair of these for Christmas and they very easily have become my favorite pair of pants to wear. Yes, I even snuck them as part of my work outfit a few times. They are light enough that they won’t burn you up on an outdoor run but the dri-fit fabric will keep you warm on a windy day. 

Go-Dry Cool Graphic Tank – Each year Old Navy comes out with a whole new line of activewear. The base of the clothing is the same, but the patterns & text on the shirts is different. Of course that means you need to keep relevant. Their Go-Dry active tanks are the BEST for running both indoors and out. Spring Running Clothes

Nike Woven Jacket – It wasn’t until last year that I attempted to run outside with a jacket on. I wasn’t sure how I would feel with the baggy sleeves, but I loved it especially on the days that the winds just wouldn’t quit. Now it is a go to for me this time of the year!

Asics Fit-Sana Zip Front Sport Jacket – If you aren’t too sure about a baggy jacket (or the Nike price tag), Asics makes an more fitted alternative. Still warm and comfy, but bright enough for cars to see you a mile away. Seriously though, who doesn’t love the neon?

Go-Dry Compression Crops For Women – At the end of the day, my favorite running pants will always be from Old Navy Active. Each year their go-dry compression pants come out with new colors, patterns and levels of comfort. If I could live in these all day long I would. Oh, and they’re great for running too.

Nike Dri-Fit Stretch-Jersey Top – When it comes to running I either need long sleeves or sleeveless. I’m that weirdo who can’t stand running in a t-shirt. My long sleeve go to has always been Nike Dri-Fit. Wind resistant, yet warm enough when an early morning run hits just as the sun is starting to warm up the air. 

When Mother Nature can't decide what she wants the weather to be, buy new running clothes. Share on X

At the end of the day, you could always treat yourself to a Fabletics subscription or a new pair of shoes

What are your go to Spring running clothes?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I’m a SoCal girl, so although we can run outside year round without worrying about the weather too much, I love long sleeves. I can only wear them for a short amount of time, but that Nike one on the end has caught my eye! Dreamy indeed!

  2. I love a good running outfit! I love the dry fit, it’s my favorite. I also like cute but comfortable running shoes too.
    Leslie recently posted…Why So Piyo?My Profile

  3. YES to all of this! I’m right with ya on the ON capris…and the color of that Nike long sleeve is gorgeous!

  4. Such cute pics! We’re having super hot weather already in Florida, so I’m needing to add lots of lightweight tanks earlier than usual this year!

  5. That looks almost like my running gear. Long pants, Capris, Wind Breaker, Long sleeves, Short Sleeves … well, just that your’s are a bit cuter and have a nicer color scheme. Mine are just super bright and colorful 🙂

  6. I live in sunny South Florida so there is rarely a need for long sleeves during the spring but those dri fit tank tops and pants are my go-to gear and they now make such fun colors and patterns the possibilities are endless.

  7. It’s already too hot here for hoodies, but I will definitely be checking out these tanks! So cute!

  8. Spring weather can be so tricky to dress for, especially for workouts outdoors! I love the Brooks hoodie, and lightweight hoodies in general for layering during this season. Such great picks here!

  9. I love the light blues and pastels. I also love the light weight hoodies. Especially when it’s a little breezy out. It helps keep you warm without smothering you.

  10. I don’t jog or run… but these cute outfits give me inspiration to start walking outside in the warmer season! I love that long white tank top! Looks so comfy yet stylish!

  11. Yes, you never know what the spring is going to have in store for you. I hate being out on a 7-10 mile run and it starts raining but when you leave the house there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…I love my running capri, sports bra, and tank. I also bring my removable sleeves and my running belt that I keep my keys, phone, id, and some emergency money. Thanks for sharing your list!

  12. Love all of these picks! Cute workout gear makes me wanna get my butt into the gym.

    xoxo, Jenny

  13. Cute clothes really does make working out more enjoyable. I also hate being uncomfortable but these look like they would really work with your body.

  14. I honestly love everything Nike. They just make quality and comfort really well.

  15. I love the Niki DriFit material! I was recently introduced to Fabletics and I am now a huge fanatic! Similar wicking to DriFit with adorable designs!

  16. I love compression wear so much! If only you knew!! haha
    I think it’s really important to find clothes that are suitable for you. And actually that’s not as easy as it may seem.. For example, I searched for my first clothes for 1 year. It seems like something unbelievable but well… I wanted to find something as not as expensive but still – has a good quality.
    Of course, I bought different compression pants, socks… but only when i found a blog called ezcompression, I was able to find like compression wear that;s really for me.. I don’t know what was wrong and maybe I just needed some time to feel good white running.. maybe my mind and body just wasn’t ready yet but when I bought these clothes I felt like they are designed for me. Does it sound strange? 😀

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