Goodbye July, Hello August

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Well that was a fun month.

While July did have a few unexpected twists and turns, it was a pretty good month overall. In the end I was really glad I took the first week off of pretty much everything. With a lot going on family wise I rested up and while it took me a few days to get back on track eating right & running it was definitely worth the break.

Some of the goals this month did not happen, but I’m okay with it.

1. Run 50 Miles – Check! Monthly Total was 58.9
2. Finish 4-30 Day Challenges: Squats, Planks, Pushups, Beach Body – Fail…. I did complete the squats, planks & Push ups. Beach Body… not so much.
3. Hit 138 – Check! I have been weighing myself and have stayed between 138 & 139. I’m completely happy with it and hope to maintain at that weight!
4. Less “Over Calorie” Days / Not Using The Excuse “It’s okay because I’m going to run” – This was not a good one this month. I did finally adjust my calorie goal for the day and wound up having even more problems. This is my struggle right now to get back on track.
5. Cross Train Min. 2 Days a Week. – I have been keeping up with this when it comes to walking for one of my cross training days & Jillian Michaels for the other.

Next up is August. August goals are a little different.

1. Run 88 Miles

Wow, that is almost scary to write that down! It will definitely be my longest month of running thus far. Based on our half marathon training schedule I’m estimating we should run around 85-90 miles in the month of August. It will vary on different paced days but it will happen!

2. Stay on track with food. 

Now, if I have a massive fail day here and there I’m okay with that. July turned into the month of sweets for me and that was a BAD idea. Part of it was that I switched to truly working out 3-4 times a week from 4-5 that I was doing before. I find that on days I do workout, I am much more motivated to eat better. I won’t lie, I used the excuse on MANY occasions that it was okay because I was running that night. That needs to stop!

July was a good month & I’m excited to see what August has to bring!

What are your August goals?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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