Half Marathon Week Four

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Sunday means long run day! One of these weekends I’m going to remember to get my butt moving earlier than 10am on a Sunday for the long run’s. By the time I got going it was hot, humid & I’m pretty sure my town just 100% lacks shade.

The humidity felt like it was a lot higher than 51% but it could’ve just been the whole sun thing. That is okay. I was glad I had my water bottle with me today.

I was pretty excited about my pace again. Honestly I had planned on training around a 9:15 pace but lately I have been surprising myself by staying just under 9 so I’m going to keep pushing myself to stay around there. Who knows, maybe even end up faster.

I’m pretty sure my last mile or so was much slower than the 8:54 pace but I also did my first few miles somewhere around 8:40, it all balanced out!

For the first time on one of my runs someone had their sprinklers going. I won’t lie, I made an excuse to run that street twice. It felt AWESOME! That should happen more often.

For cross training this week I found an Ab workout on On Demand and did a few walks. I decided yesterday that I need to find a way to get more serious about cross training so I ordered Beachbody’s Hip Hop Abs. We will find out how incredibly uncoordinated I am when this starts!

It’s official, month one is complete. I won’t lie, I’ve kind of surprised myself from time to time so far. Three months to go!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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