One Last July Run

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I can’t believe July is coming to an end! Wow this month went incredibly fast. With the month ending today I decided to sneak in one last July run before August hit.

One Last July Run

My goal this month was 50 miles, even though I surpassed it the other night, I still wanted to stick to my half marathon training plan and got my last run of July in.

Tonight’s run was “steady pace 40 minutes”. I’ll be honest I had a very hard time keeping “steady”. I had a huge burst of energy for around the first 2 miles. I stayed around an 8:30 mile, suddenly that slowed down pretty quick and jumped between a 9:15 and 8:40 minute mile. Very weird but I never felt like I was “consistent” throughout the run tonight.

I also would not recommend eating Hamburger Helper Sweet & Sour Chicken before a run. That turned out not to be the best idea.

The run did feel good and it felt like my shoes were getting closer to being broken in. They were a little sore after my run the other night so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t believe they were ready for the treadmill, they need to hit the pavement a few more times before the treadmill again.

Mother Nature has been a little drunk lately & cannot make up her mind as to what the weather should be. It was a humid night so there was a lot of sweat. I guess that comes with running in the Midwest in July, huh?

A selfie felt necessary tonight.

August goals coming tomorrow.

Did you accomplish your July goals?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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