40 Minute Run #TransformationTuesday Style

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Happy Tuesday! How was your day? Mine was, well it was Tuesday I guess you could say. Nothing all that exciting going on.

Today is the 30th anniversary of Joan Benoit Samuelson winning Olympic gold in the first official Olympic marathon so Nike is encouraging everyone to tag their runs today with #runwithJBS so if you haven’t, do that!

Tonight I snuck my run in a little earlier than normal and wow it felt awesome. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because I had just downed a hamburger (no bun) and my husband suggested I take my run early because it was supposed to rain. Hoping for the best I took him up on his suggestion and headed out.

I really feel like my pace is improving. I was super excited with my pace during my long run on Sunday and I just felt like continuing to push myself during tonight’s easy run. Since the training plan said “40 minutes, easy run” I decided to go at a pace that felt comfortable. Never in a million years would I think that 8:29/mile would be a “comfortable” pace for me.

As much as I questioned whether it would happen, these longer runs & intervals are really helping with my pace.

With that being said, today is a #TransformationTuesday version of the blog. I rarely participate in these but it is always fun to look back. I took a look at my blog entry from February 6th & had some fun comparing the difference.

Then and now. Wow.

Do you ever look back at how far you’ve come? What has shocked you the most?

It makes me really happy I have kept up with this blog. It’s so fun to see the difference in just 6 months!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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