Hand Knit Sock Love

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It occurred to me that I never shared my newest pair of hand knit socks. I know I don’t have much to share these days (this is slowly getting better), but finishing these socks really did bring a sense of accomplishment. Remember when I used to finish a pair of socks a month… ah those were the days, HA!Van Gough Sock Yarn

A year ago December my friend had given me a skein of the Van Gogh sock yarn, Sunflowers. For those of you who missed this series, Opal put out a series of yarn that was based off of Van Gogh portraits. This one was based off of his Sunflower portrait. I started these socks not very long after she gave them to me.

Along came the little man, a hitch hiker and very little knitting on my part! A few weeks ago, I finally finished up these socks! I can’t tell you how good it felt to put on a new pair of socks! I forget so quickly how amazing a new pair feels!

The Details:
Pattern: 72 Stitches, plain vanilla sock
Yarn: Opal – Van Gogh
Colorway: Sunflower
Needles: Signature Size 1, DPN
Timeline: Well over a year!

I won’t lie, Starry night is one of my favorite portraits and I MIGHT just have to hunt that yarn down at some point!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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