How To Make Your Wife Smile

How To Make Your Wife SmileLast week was a pretty rough week. I was coming off a week of some personal things that were going on that had put me in a pretty rough spot & my best friend was moving 1000 miles away. Needless to say I was not really Miss Smiley most of the week.

Last Tuesday night, I came home to both of my boys at the dining room table and a little surprise. They had cooked up spaghetti (with turkey meat) and asparagus as a side. I had a wine glass filled with Riesling (my favorite) and a wine glass filled with water (my go to drink). Sitting next to my dinner was the iPad playing an episode of friends.

So many of my favorite things all in one room.

Life gets busy, sometimes we forget about the little things. I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband and a sweet little man who runs up to me and says “hug mama” as soon as I walk in the door. There are rough times, there are days that haven’t been the greatest lately but I wouldn’t trade my life in for anything. I’m a lucky mama.

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