Freezing Cold Hoosier Win

I meant to include a pic of the temp in my car but forgot. It’s -6… Go Indiana Hoosiers!

Rockin out to: lmfao… So funny story So I caught myself mouthing the word so the song I was listening to while working out and the girl next to me looked at me funny… Then this guy comes in and while running starts rapping outloud hand motions and all… Finished his song and clapped for himself…. Don’t feel so weird now!!! For the record he’s now singing to himself while lifting weights!
Sportin: tekgear top and super old school capris workout pants

Elliptical: level 8 for 300 calories, 5 minute cool down.
Butt bench (ball): 2 sets of 25
Incline sit-ups: 3 sets of 10
Leg press: 3 sets of 10 resistance 110
Ab crunch: 2 sets of 10 resistance 70

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