Painful Sunday Workout

Sunday Sunday…. I’ll provably regret a hard workout but it felt good.

Rockin out to: team USA track form 2010 Olympics
Sporting: jockey capris pants & tekgear top

Elliptical: 34:33 (300 calories plus 5 min cooldown) on level 6 (346 calories total)
Overhead press: 3×10 on resistance 30
Row (Cybex): 3×10 on resistance 50
Ab Crunch (Cybex): 3×10 on resistance 70
Incline sit-ups: 3×10 (yea gonna feel those tomorrow)
Row machine: 6 minutes on level 5… Really I just wanted the 50 calories lol

Last I did what we refer to at work as butt ball… Honestly I didn’t have a ball or a parter so I used a weight bench. Side to side lunges touching your butt to the bench each time… 50 times. Really gonna feel that tomorrow!

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