I Ran!

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I ran…. I actually ran!!!!

Okay back track. We got slammed with another snow storm last night but I was determined to be out of the house and at the gym (after a cheese dip contest at work yesterday!!!) I went to a different gym and it always throws me off because there is different equipment so I decided to change it up a bit.

Sporting: Tek Gear Shirt, old school capris pants

Rockin out to: workout playlist

Elliptical: I don’t like the ones here so it was short lived. 10 minutes, cross ramp 1 and resistance 6/7 (I couldn’t get comfortable)

Treadmill: this was the big thing. I was a cross country runner (to an extent lol) in high school. I used to run daily and I am 10 years out of that routine. 2 years ago I tried to start again but then was pregnant with my boy and yea needless to say I haven’t even attempted running in 2 years, let alone doing it for more that 5 minutes! I ran over a mile for 15 minutes and 15 seconds. (It took me 45 seconds to configure the treadmill) I stayed around a 5.5 speed.

Row machine: this was a water row machine and hats off to anyone who rows crew, wow! 5 minutes here.

Butt bench: 2 x 25

Incline sit-ups: 3 x 10

Really not sure if ill be able to walk later but it’s totally worth it.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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