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Starbucks Red Cup

November is in full swing and Thanksgiving is just around the corner but I’m still trying to convince Little Man that we can’t go Trick or Treating whenever he wants. We had a busy weekend this past weekend yet we enjoyed The Peanuts Movie and time with friends. Now we are looking forward to a few weeks of relaxing and trying to figure out how to stay warm. If only the leaves that fell in the last few weeks would rake themselves.

Reading: Bulletproof – by Maci Bookout

Shamelessly Addicted To Watching: Not really shameful again, but have I mentioned how happy I am that Madam Secretary is back? I’ve watched most of this season at least three times. Each episode gets better and better. If you have not watched it you really should.

Rocking Out To: Whatever Spotify suggests for me.

Drinking: The hot chocolate of the season has officially started. With the cold weather creeping in the amount of hot chocolate consumed is going up. I tried to convince Little Man to drink some with me the other night. He ran away screaming. More hot chocolate for me I guess?

Obsessively Eating: Leftover Halloween candy….

Loving The Fact That: It is almost time for Peppermint Mocha season. 

Laughing At: The ongoing Starbucks Red Cup debate. I’m not a fan of how early they came out but that doesn’t mean it changes my religious beliefs. How about we all just drink our coffee and get along?

Wearing: More sweaters than I care to mention. Can we keep the nice Summer weather all Winter long please?

Planning For: A whirlwind holiday season as usual and getting a head start on getting organized for 2016.

Enjoying: Having a few weekends of nothing planned. Even on the days we do have plans, it’s been nice to find ways to relax for a little bit. September and October were so busy that they disappeared. It is nice to not have plans for a few weeks!

Not Enjoying: The upcoming cold weather. Little Man can’t wait for it to snow so he can go “splash in the snow” and I just hope it holds off until Christmas!

What have you been up to in the first half of November? 
Is it cold near you?
Do you hate raking leaves?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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