The Peanuts Movie & Mommy/Little Man Weekend

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This past weekend Little Man and I had a “mommy/little man” weekend while Daddy headed out to enjoy some football. From the second I picked him up at daycare on Friday we were on the move. By Saturday night we were both exhausted and ready to rest.

Despite not falling asleep until 10:15 PM Saturday night, we were up and ready to go by 6:15 Saturday morning. Thank you time change.

We met up with some friends at a local play place and Little Man had a blast running from room to room. It was was a new adventure for me but we managed to play with trains, construction equipment, water & in a ball pit all in three hours. They also had a pretend grocery store and he got a kick out of being able to pay for his own groceries… if only he could do that in real life too!

With an hour car nap planned I was able to relax and enjoy some coffee and read my book before meeting up with some family for a movie!

By Saturday night we were both tired so after he headed to bed I stayed up until 11pm reading Christmas Breakdown because who needs sleep when a toddler is around.

6:45am on Sunday I regretted that decision but we had another fun day planned of cleaning the house & hanging out in our pjs. until 2pm. To kick off Sunday we made our usual Sunday morning waffles in both regular and Mickey shapes.

Our Boston Terrier got on board with the relaxing Sunday and spent the whole afternoon sun bathing in the front door window. She was completely content to stay there all day but pretty annoyed when the sun went down.

Hands down the best way to tell that we had a good weekend was the case of pink eye that popped up Sunday night. It is a good thing we had fun on Saturday!


The Peanuts Movie

Another part of our weekend fun was meeting up with my niece & Mother In Law for Little Man’s first movie! We decided to give it a shot and see if he would sit through The Peanuts Movie. I won’t lie, he completely surprised me. Not only did he sit through all of the previews (at least 20 minutes of them) but he sat through the entire movie. When it ended, he asked for another one.

I’m shocked, but excited. We don’t go to the movies very often ever but I think we might have to see some of the upcoming ones this next year. Did anyone see the preview for The Secret Life of Pets? It is already on list for next summer.

The Peanuts Movie was a movie that was perfect for a young audience and an older audience. The overall story line had me surprised that it was a kids movie but just watching snoopy tell his part was enough entertainment for the kids.

Charlie Brown is in love with the little red hair girl. She is a new student that comes to school before Christmas. From the moment he saw her, he knew that there was something special. He spends most of the Winter into Spring trying to gain the courage to talk to her. In the meantime he is being Charlie Brown. He writes a book report that gets destroyed by the red baron, he gets a kite stuck in the tree despite there being no leaves and he helps out his sister as she tries to perform at the talent show.

After scoring a perfect score on a standardized test, Charlie Brown finds himself the center of attention at school and he is not too sure how he feels about it. While being awarded a school award for his perfect score, Charlie Brown makes a discovery that takes his bravery to a whole new level. He feels like a failure but the little red hair girl has a different opinion.

Snoopy is off to fight the red baron and save his made up new found love interest Fifi. As he flies the airplane (Little Man’s favorite part) Charlie Brown is looking for the confidence to talk to the little red hair girl.

The movie was adorable and very well done. All of the classic Peanuts characters made an appearance and many of our favorite Peanuts stories were mentioned throughout. It was a fun throwback for those who love the Peanuts and a great new story to keep the Peanuts characters alive.

Even with the love interest, The Peanuts Movie was perfect for taking a toddler. For the most part, the story went right over his head. He keeps telling me about snoopy and the airplane and that is enough to keep him excited. There was also popcorn.

Did you see The Peanuts Movie? What did you think?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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