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Happy Friday

TGIF my friends! This week was short for me, but still turned out to be quite busy. I’m looking forward to getting caught up around the house this weekend and playing lots of cars and trains with Little Man. Also, theres college gymnastics & college basketball on this weekend so chances are there will be sports on our TV this weekend too.

Grab your coffee (how strong is it today?) and lets jump full force into Friday. It has been a fun week and I have a little bit of link love and some Friday favorites. 

Indoor Slide

I’ve seen this slide going around Facebook lately and it looks like so much fun! Stuck inside with the cold weather for the Winter? No problem, break out the stair slide. While I get that it is probably made for kids, I feel like adults of all ages would have fun too. Why aren’t they marketing this to colleges? 

My mom sent me this buzzfeed article the other day and I think that it is something EVERYONE who has a job should read. 11 Things All Twentysomethings Should Know About Their Jobs is not just relevant to Twentysomethings but is a great article. Most importantly though, number 11 is dead on. There is no in between on the thermostat!

On a sports related note, Valpo basketball has been making more and more noise when it comes to busting brackets. This week the NCAA released an article that noted some teams to keep your eye on as possible bracket busters. The second team named, Valpo Crusaders! Not only are they fun to watch but they’ve been dominating the Horizon League this year. It makes me more and more excited to see what is in store for March Madness. 

Yogi Ferrell set the new assist record for Indiana on Tuesday night. It was an incredibly fun game to watch, but Yogi wasn’t the only one breaking records. The team also broke their school record, which turned out to be the Big Ten record, of number of threes made during one game. By the end of the game the entire bench was cleared and the guys were just having a blast out there. Unfortunately, Illinois was not as Indiana beat them 103-69.

Switching gears to gymnastics. I’ve been a HUGE fan of men’s gymnastics for many many years. The men get very little recognition but their skills are amazing and watching them fly high is insane. This week the US Men’s National team got noticed, by posting pictures of themselves on the beaches of Rio in speedos. Suddenly they’re trending worldwide, first page on TMZ & Instgram kind of went nuts over them. Maybe they’ll start getting some of the credit they deserve? 

Finishing out our link love this week, a WONDERFUL article posted on Sarah Finnegan, 2012 Olympic Alternate and LSU Freshman. From cartwheels in the basement to nearly quitting, freshman Sarah Finnegan etches her name in gymnastics history takes a look at Sarah’s past, her Olympic experience and why she almost never made it to LSU. She has always been a quiet favorite in the sport of gymnastics but she is going to do big things as an NCAA gymnast. This last weekend was so much fun watching SO many former elites go out with their teams! It’s going to be a crazy year. 

What is your link love for the week? 
How is the thermostat in your office? Hot or cold?
Would you buy the slide for your house or office?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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