A Harsh Reality

Motivation was hard today. Despite an ugly truth at our weigh in earlier, we had a cookie contest at work yesterday. Sampling 21 different cookies (followed up by a pizza lunch) was just a terrible idea… So of course I had a few cookies for breakfast today before our weigh in. Ugh. That set me back 🙁 bad idea!! No more cookies! My stomach is telling me it was a bad idea! Anyways tonight getting motivated was hard because my stomach wasn’t in it. Ultimately it made for a better workout!

Rockin out to: straight no chaser under the influence holiday (concert on Saturday!!!)
Sportin: old old old capris pants and a popcorn festival shirt

Elliptical: 34:28 for 346 calories (think that makes up for at least one cookie?)
Arms: everything was 3 sets of 10, see photos for workouts…. Tomorrow I will probably be sore!
Abs crunch: resistance 50, 50 reps
Long sit-up machine thing: (technical term??) 25 reps (ouch)

Tomorrow I will avoid the cookies.

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