Oh Intervals… & Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt!

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After a rough run on Sunday I did a lot of research and massive thanks to all of you who chimed in on Facebook with stretching ideas.

I focused more on the dynamic stretching before tonight’s run and I felt like it made a HUGE difference. My legs were still a little tight from the other day but I felt a lot better after stretching tonight. First time in two days I feel like I can move them. I also had been having a few pains in my Achilles and by not doing the regular stretches before running tonight I didn’t have any pain. You all saved me!

Anyways. Tonight’s run was intervals: 10 minute warmup, 4x 2 minutes fast & 1 minute jog. I was hoping by later evening I would beat the humidity. When I got back from my run it was still at 92%. I feel like there is no “beating the humidity” these days.

I’ve decided that all of these runs in the humid weather are going to really strengthen my lungs!

My other exciting moment of the day was the package that arrived! About a month ago I was one of the winners for a package from Yasso on the Run, Eat, Repeat blog. My awesome package came today and I’m excited about it! Not only does it involve frozen greek yogurt (um hi, I like any kind of ice cream) but there was also a new water bottle & lunch bag inside. I’m set!

What was the most exciting part of your day?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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