Spring Maternity Tops For Expecting Moms

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Overall I tend to be on the late side to the newest fashion trends. Actually, let’s be honest… fashion isn’t my thing at all. When it comes to clothes the more comfortable the better, it is a huge bonus if it’s cheap. For the most part my sister-in-law and I have been able to share maternity clothes and it has been wonderful! This Spring has been a little bit different when it comes to weather so I picked up a few new Spring maternity tops to add to our collection. 

Spring Maternity Tops

Spring Maternity Tops From Old Navy

My first shopping stop was a go to of mine, Old Navy. To be honest, I rarely like their non-maternity tops but when it came to Spring maternity tops they hit the spot. I’ve ordered a handful and most I have loved. They are pretty much my daily go to shirts and I’ll probably continue to wear them well into Summer.

Maternity Fitted Kimono Tee From Old Navy – When I first put this top on, I was not sold on it. After wearing it for a few minutes and checking it out, it suddenly is one of my favorites. The bump is going to show but the top wound up being incredibly comfortable. This is also extremely light weight and will be nice for Summer as well, even if it is 80 degrees!

Maternity Drapey Tee From Old Navy – This Turned out to not be as awesome as I originally thought it would be. Unfortunately it shrunk a tiny bit when I washed it and now the short part in the front actually comes above my pants line. I only got one MAYBE two wears out of it before it was too short for me. If you are going to order, size it up!

Maternity V-Neck Shirred Tee From Old Navy – From the very start of Maternity clothes I picked up a few of these. They were fitted enough to not make me feel like I was wearing something oversized but not too tight that I felt like I was showing too much off. I have 4 of them now and they are so nice to grab in the morning and not have to worry about matching with anything else!

Sometimes the best fashion is taking things back to basics with simple maternity tops. Share on X

Spring Maternity Tops From Motherhood

A shop I love, but rarely like to spend the money at is Motherhood. A few weeks ago I was able to hit up the Outlet Mall and got some good deals on some Spring maternity tops that I hope to wear through Summer. While their prices are not always the cheapest, they definitely have had the best quality maternity clothes that I’ve come across.

Short-Sleeve V-Neck Tee From Motherhood (Currently On Sale!) – While this is currently on sale for $7.97 (Go buy 5 of them), this has also become a quick staple in my Spring maternity tops collection. You really can’t go wrong with a V-Neck Tee and they’re so comfortable.

Motherhood Long Sleeve Henley Collar Button Detail Maternity T Shirt – As we’re heading into Summer, I’m actually sad to put this top away. It has been so comfortable and a something I’ve definitely gotten use out of this Spring!

Motherhood Scoop Neck Rib Knit Maternity Tank Top – If you see me around this Summer, it is pretty much a guarantee this is what I’ll be living in. For now, they are great to layer with other tops and cardigans!

Bonus Spring Maternity Tops

As a treat to myself I decided to give the Stitch Fix Maternity collection a try as well. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with it and everything came out incredibly expensive. I did wind up keeping one cardigan that was actually non-maternity. I guess I’ll be set for next Winter!

With a little bit of Zulilly credit I also picked up one more V-Neck top. I’m pretty set for now, but continue to watch their site for deals. There are always so many good ones!

What are some of your favorite Spring maternity tops?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. Me too! I struggled with Little Man a few years ago to find a lot of sweaters that didn’t look super bulky. The simple shirts are perfect!

    1. It is super comfy! I have it in a teal and grey color! They might have purple!

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