Sweet Tea And Me – Nashville Part Six

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Sweet Tea and Me - Nashville Part 6After finishing Ready to Reach for the book tour, I decided to keep reading. Inglath Cooper had me kind of hooked on this series. One thing I did notice as the series went on is that they were between 90-150 pages so they were very quick reads. If you are looking for a great little series that you can read in a weekend (or two plane rides across the Atlantic ocean) I would recommend checking out the Nashville series!

In Sweet Tea and Me we continue with Thomas and Lila’s story.


Thomas Franklin and Lila Bellamy have history. And now it seems, they may have a future as well. Or at least, a shot at one. Their second beginning though is anything but smooth. In the middle of the night, they flee Lila’s hometown for Nashville, after stealing a dog in order to save his life. And if that’s not a rocky enough start, they’ve got to figure out how to be the parents their daughter Lexie needs them to be, even as they acknowledge their growing feelings for each other.

My Thoughts

Of course I had to quickly pick up Sweet Tea and Me as soon as I finished Amazed because I really needed to know if Lila caved and moved to Nashville. 

The character of Lila is great as it shows that she still wants to be strong and independent but at the same time is willing to give their family a chance. It was, however, sad to see her and Lexie have to make the decision to leave Macy behind. On the upside though, I’m hoping we get to see Macy back in Nashville really soon.

I love how much Lila and Thomas care for Brownie (also known as Rowdy) and ultimately how it pushed them to Nashville. Anyone who risks their lives for a dog is someone after my own heart! I am, on the other hand, not okay with what happens to Lexie because of this situation.

As the drama continued it was hard to put down. The ending did not disappoint. I can’t wait to see whats next for Thomas and Lila in Commit.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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