Two Year Molars

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They Start Teething....There’s a saying that has gone around social media: “How to tell if you’re ready for kids… chase a 2 foot tall person around for an hour attempting to put pants on them.”

Mix in staying up all night for about 11 months straight and you have the first two years of mommyhood. Except, there’s another aspect that people like to forget to tell you about…. teeth.

From what I’ve heard, all kids are different with teeth. Some never show that teeth are bothering them, some drool buckets but never cry and then there’s the kids who the funny eCards are made for. You know the ones who have every symptom ever created to go alongside teething

There’s an old wives tale that says kids tend to get horrible diapers when they’re teething. A number of doctors shot that theory down saying it’s a coincidence. The same goes for fevers. Call me an old wife but I believe both to be very true & ones we have experienced with every round of teeth.

Every kid is different, some are content with Sophie, some require rounds of Tylenol and teething tablets. Some have been known to point to the liquor cabinet know that it contains relief. From late nights to early mornings teething picks up around where the newborn sleep schedule left off.

Mommy friends, there is a light at the end of the teething tunnel… it’s called two year molars. Let’s ignore the fact that they are supposed to be are the worst of the teeth to pop through. Your toddler can now tell you that “mouth hurt” or will hand you their half chewed hot dog because “it hurts” when they’ve loaded it up with ketchup and bit down on a new tooth.

At the end of the day, they are the last teeth to come in for awhile and parents around the world can finally rejoice. Once the two year molars are in, we have officially survived infant & toddler teething. Chances are we can put Sophie away for awhile & hope that by the time they start losing teeth when they are older they don’t want her back.

Hang in there mommy friends, there is an end in sight.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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