Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Nonstop Holiday Fun

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A few years ago my husband and I decided to start a tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters. It started as a joke and now has become one of my favorite parts about planning for Christmas. We are the only ones in our family who does it and I love it! Last year I rocked the Sequin Bow on Fair Isle sweater as it was all I could find at the last minute. This year I started early and have been having a lot of fun shopping. With the ugly Christmas sweater parties are in full swing and there have been really good deals left and right.

Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Raise your hand of you had any of these as a kid. I can honestly say I wore similar ones back when they were the way to go. I love it and these always bring back good memories for me. My mom & Grandma had dozens and seeing these floating around the internet just makes my heart happy.

Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweaters

1. Christmas Present | 2. Stripes and Presents | 3. Santa (discontinued) | 4. Merry Christmas | 5. Snowman | 6. Reindeer | 7. Gingerbread Vest | 8. Christmas Tree (similar) | 9. Patchwork

Religious Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Some of these might borderline on the side of inappropriate or may offend at least one person. I tend to be pretty open when it comes to humor. My church growing up loved to laugh and joke around so these just made my day to find them. One of these years I will rock these.

Religious Ugly Christmas Sweaters

1. Birthday Boy | 2. Jingle Bros Sweater | 3. Go Jesus | 4. Circle of Life | 5. Birthday Boy Crew neck

Just Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters

At the end of the day, some ugly Christmas sweaters are just plain funny. From drinking games to internet memes, what doesn’t get turned into a sweater these days?

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters

1. Drinking Game Sweater | 2. Break The Internet Sweater (similar) | 3. Make Your Own Christmas Sweater | 4. Fleece Navidad

Animal Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Our favorite furry friends can’t be left out of the fun. While I’m not against dressing up my dog (she hates it when that happens) for Christmas, there are some great animal themed ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Animal Ugly Christmas Sweaters

1. Santa Unicorn Sweater (similar) | 2. Pug | 3. Crazy Cat Man Sweater | 4. Santa Paws | 5. Elf Dog


You can’t leave the little ones out of the fun. I picked up Little Man’s ugly sweater this summer when it was on sale at Zulilly. I don’t think many clothes that are made for kids are necessarily ugly, they are just more fun.

Kids Ugly Christmas Sweaters

1. Leg Lamp | 2. Fragile | 3. Ninja Turtles | 4. Dinosaur | 5. Red & Green Dinosaur | 6. Video Game



The thing about ugly Christmas sweaters is that the possibilities are endless. Every year I don’t think they can get any better, yet I find myself constantly amazed at what I come across. Sometimes I think the uglier the better. I can’t wait to see what else pops up!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater holiday tradition?
Does seeing ugly Christmas sweaters bring back memories for you?
What was the BEST Christmas sweater you ever had?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

Comments (43)

    1. I’m glad I could share the fun! There are some wonderful ones!

  1. I want to start the ugly Christmas sweater tradition and I have a pug so of course I am in LOVE with the pug sweater haha

    1. Haha that was one of my favorites!!! It has been a fun tradition to have!

  2. Aww! ahah they are amazing!! I wish I could find them in Mexico or do one my self (it would be super ugly) haha
    Montse B. recently posted…HOMEMy Profile

    1. There is a DIY kit! You could always make it yourself, I bet it would come out better than you expect!

  3. I love a good ugly christmas sweater. We went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and I made mine, my husband’s and our son’s sweaters. I loved it though! These are some pretty seriously ugly/awesome ones, too!

  4. Oh my gosh, these are the best!! I’m not sure how I’ve survived this long without an ugly Christmas sweater but this might have to be the year I cave and get one 😉

    1. You definitely should try one out! They make for a little fun tradition and an extra fun shopping trip.

  5. We were invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year. We can’t wait! I’m going to pin this post to help me find the perfect sweaters!
    christina recently posted…This Just In…My Profile

    1. It has become a fun little tradition. We have fun finding our sweaters each year!

  6. Love these sweaters. I want #1 in the traditional list. I’m trying to get my husband to wear an ugly sweater on Christmas! I don’t know if I can convince him so maybe this post will!

    1. Share it with him! You never know, there are some good ones out there that are cute but funny too.

    1. You should do it! I’ve seen a lot of party favors and fun decorations for Ugly Sweater Parties. Check out Pinterest. Lots of ideas!

  7. LOVE this! I use my mom’s “ugly sweater” (sorry mom!) from back in her teaching days in the early 90’s! I’ve seen so many new ones this year at Target and Forever 21 though.
    Kellen recently posted…This Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. LOL The sad thing is I could match them up to ones I remember from being a kid… That’s a good thing right?

  8. I love them. We already got ours on lock down, can’t wait to rock them on Christmas eve.

  9. Love these! I’m attending a Ugly Sweater Christmas party tonight! I didn’t realize there were so many options.

  10. Ugly Christmas sweaters are my favorite thing to wear the week of Christmas! They’re so cute and pretty funny. I have a pair of Christmas leggings I’m looking forward to wearing next week LOL.


    1. I am rocking my Christmas Leggings today!!! I love getting into the spirit like this!

  11. Wow! You really did a thorough and amazing job with this. Major kudos to you! And major entertainment for me (:

    1. Haha no! We always try and get the worst ones each year. It is so much fun!

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