Valentine's Day Candy & Other Friday Favorites

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Valentine’s Day is this weekend and while we don’t really celebrate it much I plan on eating a ton of Valentine’s Day candy after this weekend once it all goes on sale. Anyone else with me? I’m a few weeks behind on Friday favorites so a few of these may be a few weeks old. They are too good not to share so let’s dig in!

Valentine's Day Candy

While we are on the topic of Valentine’s Day candy, I finally caved this week and bought a bag of candy hearts. I wasn’t quite paying attention when I bought them, because I wound up buying the “sweetheart” brand of candy hearts. They have a little bit of a tart taste to them but I’m pretty much in love with them. Some of them were missing their actual messages though so it is probably good I didn’t really care what they say. Somehow I have managed to make them last all week as my Valentine’s Day candy in my desk at work. That is a pretty big accomplishment for me! 

Next week, I might be in trouble once it is all on sale. Then again, Easter candy will probably start popping out soon too. Hmmmm Cadbury Eggs are very dangerous.

Harry Potter 8

In book news over the last two weeks, two of my favorite author’s have announced their next book! There is an 8th Harry Potter book coming out in July and Janet Evanovich announced that Turbo Twenty-Three is coming out November 15th! Harry Potter is going to be the script for the play that is debuting in London this year, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I’m so excited to see Harry as an adult that I may or may not have already pre-ordered it. The countdown is officially on for lots of good reading coming up this year. 

Gilmore Girls

Speaking of countdowns… Not only is Fuller House starting soon, but we are now hearing the first details on the cast for Gilmore girls from Netflix! Almost the entire cast is back and I officially can’t wait to watch the series this year. I do hope Sookie decides to come back for a little bit. Right now it doesn’t sound like she will be but Amy Sherman Palladino mentioned she would happily write her in if she has time! Pleaseeeeee!

Netflix you are making so many dreams come true this year with show revivals! 

Little House On the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie is ALSO possibly coming back in the form of a movie. It has landed at Paramount but no further details are known. I would love to see that remade with the technology we have today for movies. How different it would be. This started a little bit of a debate at work the one day as I found out I was one of the only people in my department who has read these books. I love them and almost want to go back and reread them as an adult now and see how different they are. 

Indiana vs. Iowa
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In sports news, Valpo is pretty much dominating the Horizon League and Indiana is tied for first place in the Big Ten! Last night Valpo moved to being 3 full games ahead of anyone else in the league and 11 of their games have been won in the double digits. No one can come close this year! I may or may not have completely fallen asleep at half time (seriously late start games are hard to stay up during), but Indiana beat out Iowa in a HUGE win last night. March Madness is going to be so much fun this year. 

What are your favorite things this week? 
Are you excited about Gilmore Girls and all of the other shows Netflix is bringing back?
Harry Potter 8, will you be reading?
What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. I know! I am so incredibly excited about all of the remakes being announced right now!

  1. I never got into Gilmore Gilmore girls when it aired but my best friend at the time loved it. I may just give it a try. Better late than never right.

    1. I actually didn’t watch it until it was off the air! I started around the time it ended and then watched the entire series one winter! It’s a great show!

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