Weekend Running

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20140415-211557The weekend officially got away from me which meant I did not update with my weekend runs!

It is safe to say that Sunday was by far a record day for me in a lot of things. But first (let’s take a selfie? uh no) let’s talk about Saturday.

Saturday’s are my little man days. In other words, Saturday’s are 100% dedicated to mommy & little man time. Normally they involve running around the living room, climbing up and down the couch and FaceTime with Grammo (Grandma). This particular Saturday it was 74 degrees. Yes, 74 degrees in the Midwest!

In an attempt to get out of the house, I decided to try running. I do not have a jogging stroller so I tried our normal stroller. It was a horrible idea. We wound up running about a mile and a half in 18 minutes. My legs hated me after that! We wound up deciding to spend a lot of time walking & playing at the park the rest of the day.

Sunday morning I decided I had to make up for the failure that was Saturday’s run. Sundays are my long run day so off I went. I decided to just start running and see where it took me. In the end I ran 5.01 miles in 47:10. It felt AWESOME! I burned around 516 calories (thank you Fitbit) & felt so great after the run. My pace was somewhere around 9:30 a mile which I was 100% okay with. I knew I would be doing a longer run so I paced myself a little better than I had been with my recent running.

After a good run, we worked in the yard for a few hours and I cleaned the basement. By the end of the day I was 100% exhausted but felt energized after a long day. I broke every record on my Fitbit that I had. I wound up burning around 3,000 calories and walking 11.29 miles with over 23,000 steps!

This morning while attempting to hit the snooze button for the 3rd time I felt something pop in my neck. I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle so we’ll see how the next few days play out!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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