Weekly Workouts 9/20-9/26

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Weekly Workouts - 9/20-9/26I’m very slowly pulling together all of my old blogs  (dating back to junior high) into one. As I am going back through a bunch I have written over the last few years, I realized I used to keep an almost daily log of my workouts. I held myself accountable because I had to write it down.

I’ve had an off summer. For a number of reasons my eating has been horrible & my workouts have been hit or miss. After running the Popcorn Panic & realizing I gained close to 10lbs this summer it’s time to crack down again. I haven’t been feeling great and I know it is because I’ve been pretty lazy.

Therefor, I’m going to attempt to do a quick recap each weekly workouts to get back to holding myself accountable.

Weekly Goal:

My main goal this week was to hit my 10k steps every day. Granted, I decided this on Monday so Sunday was a complete fail.


After rolling my ankle the Thursday before I was kind of treading lightly on any running or walking too much. We were out of town but I had my running stuff. With my ankle still a little swollen I opted into just walking around a little bit, but more or less making it a rest day. There also was a 3.5 hour car ride in there.

Total Steps: 6,911


Distance: 3.3 Miles
Time: 30:10 (9:08 Pace)

Total Steps: 11,084


Distance: 3.0 Miles
Time: 27:33 (9:11 Pace)

2.5 Mile Evening Walk

Total Steps: 15,321


I woke up and my ankle was feeling pretty swollen so I decided to skip my morning run and rest it. By evening it was feeling a lot better so we decided a walk to the park was necessary!

2.5 Mile Evening Walk

Total Steps: 10,657


Distance: 3.5 Miles
Time: 31:52 (9:06 Pace)

Total Steps 13,371


Distance: 3.5 Miles
Time: 31:56 (9:07 Pace)

Total Steps: 12,944


Between a photo shoot, cleaning the house & an anniversary party I thought for sure I’d wind up with my steps for the day! I was up and moving from 8am until about 9pm and I fell short about 1,000 steps. I still can’t figure out how I didn’t get them all!

Total Steps: 8,977


Miles Run: 13.3
Steps: 79,265

My main goal for this week is to continue getting 10k steps a day. Here’s hoping today goes better than last Sunday!

What are your goals for this week?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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