What We Feel – Nashville Part Three

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What We FeelAfter finishing Ready to Reach for the book tour, I decided to keep reading. Inglath Cooper had me kind of hooked on this series. One thing I did notice as the series went on is that they were between 90-150 pages so they were very quick reads. If you are looking for a great little series that you can read in a weekend (or two plane rides across the Atlantic ocean) I would recommend checking out the Nashville series!

After finishing Hammer and a Song on a cliff hanger I quickly jumped into Nashville – Part Three – What We Feel. Little did I know, another cliffhanger was coming my way.


Hunky musicians Holden Ashford and Thomas Franklin rescue Nashville bound CeCe MacKenzie and her Walker Hound Hank Junior from the side of the road when her car catches on fire. A less determined girl might have let her dreams go up in smoke as well, but not CeCe. She’s been singing all her life, and she just wants a chance to do the thing she loves in a place where music is part of the fabric of life. As it turns out, Holden and Thomas want the same thing, and it isn’t long before they’re all chasing after the dream together.

Falling in love hasn’t figured in to CeCe’s plans, but the moment she sets eyes on Holden, her heart is asking why not? Holden is drawn to her as well, but he already has someone in his life, Sarah who still lives in Atlanta, Sarah who loves him. Who he thought he loved back until CeCe makes him realize he hadn’t really known that love could turn him inside out.

But an unexpected visit from Sarah brings to light a terrible truth and Holden is faced with a choice between doing the right thing or permanently defining himself as a guy he never thought he would be.

It is only in letting each other go that both Holden and CeCe will come to understand that in life and love, the part that’s real is what we feel.

My Thoughts

With these being shorter books, time seems to jump pretty quickly. After the first two books being only about a 48 hour span of time, we now jump ahead a year and that took me awhile to accept.

My heart broke for Cece at the end of Part Two – Hammer and a Song. Yes, it was a quick turn around for them in getting to know each other but it was clear she had fallen in love with Holden and the two were perfect for each other. Thomas didn’t handle things well either, but he and Cece formed a friendship that was unbreakable through losing Holden. I loved that the two were able to remain roommates and friends to keep their dreams alive.

While it bothered me that we so quickly jumped ahead, I loved the end result. I wasn’t a huge fan of Beck as he came into the band, it was clearly because of who his Dad was that it worked. With that being said I did feel sorry for him when Cece made her end choice of Holden.

Inglath Cooper did a good job drumming up suspense with the way the book ended. It was obvious that it was building up to something bigger but I didn’t expect it to end on that note. The ending of What We Feel pushed me to quickly start onto Pleasure in the Rain. I needed to know what happened!

Through this entire book and all of her poor decisions, I still want to be friends with Cece.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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