Lots of Gymnastics Love and Other Friday Favorites

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Last week Friday favorites was supposed to be loaded up with lots of gymnastics love. Unfortunately, the stomach flu had a few other ideas and I wound up sleeping instead of pulling anything together for Friday. A lot happened in the world of gymnastics last week so let’s start there and see where Friday favorites take us this week. 

McKayla Maroney - Not Impressed & Other Gymnastics Love
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Gymnastics Love

The first round of big news was Kyla Ross announcing her retirement from Elite. She has been such a steady part of team USA over the last few years that I was incredibly sad by her announcement. I was hoping to see her pull back to the top this year and help USA bring home another gold. On the other hand, I can’t WAIT to see more of her personality come out competing in NCAA next year!

As for the most “viral” news of the week last week, Gymcastic launched an interview they did with McKayla Maroney called McKayla Speaks. Oh my goodness, I have so many things to say about this. First of all it is a MUST WATCH video for gymnastics fans and non-gymnastics fans. She kind of dropped off the radar in the last few years and in the video comes clean about why and where her head has been. It is a very interesting interview not only discussing gymnastics but life after the amount of fame she came across. 

In addition to all of the retirements and interviews that have come out in the last few days there are a few big competitions going on this weekend. Most notably The American Cup which is live on NBC Saturday from 1-3 pm Eastern. 

Other Friday Favorites

Continuing on the sports theme for one more Friday favorite, Indiana men’s basketball won the Big Ten regular season title outright earlier this week! Coach Tom Crean had an AMAZING locker room speech and I recommend listening to it. I may or may not have been sitting at my desk in tears during lunch this week watching it. It doesn’t apply to just basketball. After the crazy start to the season this team had I couldn’t be more excited to see what March brings for them. 

Last week was exciting as Fuller House hit Netflix and this week has been just as exciting as Fuller House was renewed for season 2! Yes, we more than likely need to wait an entire year for it to hit Netflix but at least we get more Tanner family in our lives. 

Did anyone else watch The Bachelor this week? I’m still trying to decide how I feel about Ben and his multiple “I Love You” situation going on. He did confirm that he is engaged so obviously he does wind up picking either Jojo or Lauren but how will the other one feel watching this back? 

What was your favorite thing this week?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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