Commit – Nashville Part Seven

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Nashville Part 7 - CommitAfter finishing Ready to Reach for the book tour, I decided to keep reading. Inglath Cooper had me kind of hooked on this series. One thing I did notice as the series went on is that they were between 90-150 pages so they were very quick reads. If you are looking for a great little series that you can read in a weekend (or two plane rides across the Atlantic ocean) I would recommend checking out the Nashville series!

Just as everything seems perfect for Lila & Thomas fate has other plans in Commit.


In Lila Bellamy, country music star Thomas Franklin has found the love of his life. He never imagined that he could have the kind of relationship his two best friends and co-stars, CeCe and Holden, have. But he does. And he intends to be deserving of it, to do whatever it takes to hold onto Lila and their daughter Lexie.

A delayed honeymoon to Anguilla is a slice of heaven on earth for Thomas and Lila. White sand, the beautiful blue green sea and time to plan their future, Lila’s hopeful career as a singer-songwriter and Thomas’s career with Barefoot Outlook, independent of their former label.

He has never felt more in control of his life and happiness. When Lila shares her fear that what they have is almost too good to be true, Thomas reassures her that they’ve both waited a long time to be together and that she will never have to worry about losing him. But neither of them have any way of knowing that isn’t the hand fate has planned for them at all. Will Lila be right? Is it too much to hope that they might have a long life of love ahead of them? Is it really all just too good to be true?

My Thoughts

Overall I have read most of this series as fan fiction. I know it is not based off of a true story, but a lot of it feels like the fan fiction I used to read online as a teenager. It has been a great series to read and a nice little mindless read while I was on vacation. I’ve learned to take it all with a grain of salt and know that chances are just as everything seems perfect, shit is going to hit the fan again for our friends in Barefoot Outlook.

Just as we get used to the idea of Thomas & Lila finally getting their happy ever after, Inglath Cooper changes directions. I almost found myself  yelling at the book, why can’t they just be happy for a book!? Cece and Holden are finally settling in, so why not Lila & Thomas. Then again, we wouldn’t have another book if that was the case.

I liked the way the story played out, but I was not happy to see more drama for Thomas and Lila. My heart broke for Lexie, seeing her mom go through that so soon after the trauma of their former neighbor. She is such a sweetheart and needs a normal life for once!

Throughout most of the book, I had convinced myself that Thomas was going to end up a single dad. I was happy to see that it was not the case in the end. I am just hoping that as I go into R U Serious, we can let them have some peace and quiet. Why can’t Barefoot Outlook just tour without drama for a book? 🙂 

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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