Summer Clothes For Toddler Boys

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Summer Clothes for Toddler Boys

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If there is one thing I have struggled with as a boy mom it is finding clothes for a toddler boy that fit and fit comfortably for his active lifestyle. I’ve had tons of discussions with friends most of which have girls about how lucky they are that they can pull off leggings and a dress and their girl is not only dressed cute but functional.

My little man is tall and skinny and at just under 2.5 years old he ranges from size 18 months to 2T in clothing sizes. His skinny little waist means that 18 months pants without elastic are still too big where as 2T clothes with elastic are JUST starting to fit him correctly.

Lately he has decided that any form of jeans or khakis “don’t fit” (even if they do) and is not too thrilled to wear them. For the last month or two we’ve been spending our days in sweat pants (or pj days when he talks me into it). Needless to say I was thrilled when our weather finally warmed up to the point where shorts are acceptable for daily wear. Luckily he is okay with his cute cargo shorts and we finally have some alternatives to sweat pants again.

As much as I love “cute” clothes, there is no question that we always stick to functional & cheaper if we can for day to day wear.

There is no question, jumping beans have very quickly become our “go to” toddler clothes. Little man is starting to become opinionated about what shirt he has on as well and they have so many options for so cheap it has given us a number of backups when the first shirt doesn’t pan out. With shirts often on sale for $5 I never feel too bad when one gets dirty or winds up with a stain on it. They’re great every day play clothes and still keep him from looking like a bum.

I will never turn down adorable Osh Kosh clothes! They are rare and hard to find sometimes in his size so we snap them up when we can find them (at fair price). He might not rock them during the week (since we know he won’t keep them clean for long) but they are perfect for an evening out with friends or family. There is nothing more adorable than the Osh Kosh overalls!

For PJs we will always love Carters. From the time he was a newborn, little man has always had a wide variety of Carter clothes and I’m always excited to see that they still make PJs into toddler sizes. Between baseball, dogs, firetrucks & dinosaurs we are on track for a good night (well, most days).

If it isn’t obvious, I’m always on the lookout for a new deal or quick find in toddler clothes.
What are some of YOUR favorite toddler clothes? Any new brands I should check out?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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