Early Morning Friday Favorites

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Early Morning Friday Favorites

Sometimes Friday morning is so exciting that we have to kick it off at 4:15am. Or at least Little Man thinks we should. As we sip chug our coffee, eat our waffles & watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse how about we talk about some of my Friday Favorites for the week.

College basketball is back in full swing and it has been so nice to relax and watch this week. Things have been crazy so seeing Valpo play (and win) five games already and Indiana play (and win) three games have been a nice way to end the day this week. Is anyone else as excited about these two teams as I am? Rumor has it this is the best team Valpo has had since 1998… and we all know what happened that year

Next week is Thanksgiving and we have a weekend full of turkey and mashed potatoes planned. With a potluck on Wednesday I’ve been keeping my eye out for something unique. I ran across a recipe for Apple Pie Sangria. While I don’t plan on taking this, it looks delicious and might need to happen before Fall is officially over.

I saved off 8 Truths Moms With Little Boys Really Need To Hear a few weeks ago but I think it applies to all moms, not just boy moms. Scary Mommy is usually pretty on when you need a pick me up so if you’re having a rough mommy week you might want to check this out.

Christmas shopping isn’t 100% under way but a lot of cute things have my eye at Etsy this week. I kind of want this chalkboard print on a giant canvas for the holiday season. Although, I have no idea where I would hang it.

Has anyone else planned out their Black Friday? I don’t have a lot of deals I’m trying to shop this year but I did hear that Old Navy is going to have 50% off everything in the store. It is entirely possible I’ll wind up with a few new pair of their Old Navy Active Go Dry Compression Capris. They are my favorite (along with Fabletics) for running. I may also have to pick up a few new tank tops as well.

My last Friday Favorite the week is a shout-out to Janet Evanovich. I’m almost done with Tricky Twenty-Two and I’m already sad that I’m going to have to wait awhile for the next Stephanie Plum book.

Rumor has it there is 3-7 inches of snow headed our way this weekend, I thin I’m going to just go hide under a blanket until March. Have a wonderful weekend!

What are your Black Friday plans?
How many pounds of turkey do you plan on consuming next week?
What basketball team are you looking forward to watching this year?
Any Friday Favorites you would like to share?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I don’t have any particular Black Friday plans, BUT I am working on busting out a HOliday Gift Guide for Dec. 1st. I imagine I will be on my computer Black Friday 😉

  2. I love Janet Evanovich! Her books are sooo good. It’s calling for snow here in Ohio as well… BRR!

    1. It was a cold and snowy weekend! Pick up Tricky-Twenty Two, you won’t regret it!

    1. I’m not as far along in as I would hope but it is something! Good luck!

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