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Difference in Six Months

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about how much Little Man had changed in the last six months. It is hard to see the differences on a daily basis, but when I look back to where we were last Spring to where we are now it amazes me how much he has grown.

I’m not talking physically. Of course he is no longer fitting comfortably in the clothes that were too big last Spring and he can now reach things that used to be safely out of reach on counter tops. Suddenly my baby has changed from a toddler to a little kid and it boggles my mind!

Six months ago playing with other kids was a challenge. He would be scared to talk to other kids his age at the park that he didn’t know and would immediately run and hide behind whoever was with him. Late this summer he went up to another little boy at the park about his age, introduced himself and told him he was three (okay we were a little off on that one).

Six months ago if he got frustrated he couldn’t fully communicate what was wrong. We still have our rough days with this but his communication skills have gone through the roof.

Six months ago the park was all about playing on the slide and nothing else. Mommy and daddy had to climb up with him to make sure he could get up to the slide. Now he is climbing up and down ladders and braving other pieces of equipment that he was terrified of this summer.

Six months ago he was just starting to understand what truly goes on in the kitchen. Now he wakes up every morning and asks to make waffles and smoothies. Even on days I’m stressed, I love my little kitchen helper.

Six months ago he relied heavily on mommy and daddy to entertain him. Now we often find him playing trains by himself for 20-30 minutes at a time. It might not seem like a lot to some people but it has been huge.

Six months ago he didn’t have an opinion on what clothes he wore every day. Now we better have a Spider man shirt ready to go somewhere.

Six months ago he didn’t quite get the concept of baseball, basketball, etc. Now every day he is asking for us to go outside and play baseball. It is going to be a long winter if we don’t get our indoor tee set-up soon!

I know six months from now I’ll look back and think about how little he was at the end of the summer. He has grown into such a little boy before my eyes and it constantly amazes me. My husband often jokes that the next thing I know he will be heading out on dates with his car. He always gets the look for that one.

For now we will learn new things together each day.

My biggest hope for six months from now is that I can say we have successfully mastered the potty. Then again, I can truly say I said the same thing six months ago. Only time will tell.

How much have YOU changed in six months?
Does it amaze you how much your kids change every day?

Potty training…How long did that take?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Awww.. I love this. My little girl just turned one, and I took a picture of her every day for her first year. The changes aren’t always noticeable day to day, but then all of a sudden you look and think “wait! What happened? She’s changed so much!” It’s so important to celebrate those changes when they’re noticed.

    1. It is so crazy to look back at pictures, they change so much and I feel like I never saw it coming!

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