Favorite Things About Summer Vacation

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Summer break is here (or almost here) for most of the kids around the country. Teachers are jumping for joy (or just sleeping for the next 2 months straight), parents are trying to figure out how to occupy their kids for the next two months & those of us who don’t have kids in school yet are enjoying watching it all…or something like that. Little man is too young for school but a number of my family members are teachers so I get a little bit of a look into what the last few weeks of school mean for them.

I work year round, so the two months of summer break no longer exists for me but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love summer break even as an adult. There are five things that especially have topped my favorite’s list this summer.

5. Late night kids screaming &  basketballs bouncing till long after it is dark.

This might seem odd to list as a favorite because chances are it means that I hear it as I’m trying to fall asleep. This summer I’ve been smiling as I hear these sounds. We recently moved to a neighborhood that is very kid friendly and one of the first things I noticed when we moved is how late the kids are out playing. I am loving the sounds of the late night basketball games and kids having fun. Always a sign of a good place to be.

4. Weekends spent OUTSIDE

Along with the kids playing basketball I can’t wait to continue spending our entire weekends outside. Allergies think they will get me but I will not let them stop our fun. From chalk drawings to bubbles (to mowing the grass over and over again) we have been having so much fun not being cooped up in the house.

3. Less lunches to make at night

I kid, well kind of. Summer vacation means there is one less lunch I have to worry about at night and 5 more minutes of free time for me!

2. Fourth of July

Fireworks, parades, friends, food and an all day party. No holiday tops Fourth of July in our house and I cannot wait until this year. Can you really turn down a long weekend spent with some of your favorite people while eating some of your favorite food?

1. Faster Morning Commute Without School Buses

Not going to lie, my favorite part about summer vacation as an adult…. not getting stopped by school buses on the way to work! I have nothing against school buses, although I am not a complete fan of the school buses that have to stop in front of every house. Is it really necessary to make 9 stops in a quarter of a mile? My commute is about 10 minutes faster and that means a few extra minutes to get ready in the morning! It’s the little things right?

What is your favorite part about summer vacation?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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