Spotify Playlists For Work, Working Out, Cleaning & Winding Down

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I recently jumped on the Spotify train. Yes, I’m incredibly late to the game on this one. When Spotify first came out, I gave it a try. I wasn’t all that impressed and moved on with life. Fast forward five or six years, iTunes was starting to wear me down with the same songs and I decided to give it another try.

Now I am hooked.

When it comes to work, running or cleaning my house, I almost always have Spotify running the background. I’ve found a number of playlists that are amazing and they are constantly growing or changing. If you haven’t checked out the “mood” section of Spotify you should probably drop everything and go give it a look. There truly is something for everyone and every mood.

The Best Spotify Playlists For Work, Working Out, Cleaning Your House & Winding Down

The Best Spotify Playlists For Work

I don’t know about you, but I work at a desk all day. While I love what I do, I wouldn’t be able to get through the day without my headphones and something to listen to. Between podcasts and other things I usually mix up my weeks. For the most part though, I rely on music to get through the week. It makes for great background noise and keeps me focused, even if I want to break out a dance party every time Wannabe comes on.

  • Songs You Can Sing in the Shower – This is my go to list for a pick me up. There is something for everyone and will get you going on any type of a bad day. Plus it will make you want to have a dance party.
  • New Music Friday – I am usually the worst person in the world when it comes to knowing new songs that come out. If Hanson, ‘NSync or Backstreet boys didn’t release it in the late 90s or early 2000’s I don’t know it. This has become my saving grace playlist! New music every week and I don’t look like a total idiot when new songs become popular.
  • Good Vibes – Sort of like Songs You Can Sing In the Shower this playlist gets you going. A little bit of upbeat is always nice for the gross rainy days.

The Best Spotify Playlists for Working Out

When I first picked up Spotify, I wanted to try out all of the workout playlists immediately. I do most of my running on a treadmill so I leave my phone sitting on the treadmill. They do have the option to change music to your pace you are running if you are wearing your phone. I haven’t given in yet, but I might have to try that soon!

  • Workout Twerkout – A friend recommended this playlist and it was my main playlist the first few times I ran. Very up beat and great to keep cardio going. The only downside, you usually want to dance along and I wouldn’t call that safe on a treadmill or while lifting weights.
  • Jock Jams – For me it is all about going back to classics sometimes. One of my biggest “pump up” songs is Jock Jams and a whole playlist of songs like it, game on. 
  • Running To Rock – Since I don’t generally wear my phone while running, this was a great alternative to the auto running music. Running to rock gets you up and moving and keeps the beat going for a nice tempo run. 

Spotify Mood

The Best Spotify Playlists for Cleaning

When it comes to the usual weekend cleaning, if I have the house to myself I’ve been throwing on some Spotify music to keep me focused. 

  • The Beatles – Hands down, I will almost always turn on a Beatles playlist when I come across it. It throws me in a good mood and gives me something great to sing along to while cleaning.
  • TGIF – This isn’t always a Friday favorite play list in our house. With lots of party type songs, it sets the tone to get cleaning done quickly. 
  • Teen Party – Cleaning gets done a lot quicker when music is fun and up beat (or when the toddler is not around). Teen party might not sound like your cup of tea, but the music is up beat enough to make your cleaning go fast. 

The Best Spotify Playlists for Winding Down

We enjoy dance parties at night in our house. These dance parties involve a toddler and a three minute attention span so usually they are whatever kids playlist we come up with at the time. It is nice while I’m cleaning up the kitchen at night or getting lunch ready for the next day to wind down with a little bit of background music. Guess what, Spotify has a great set of playlists for that too!

  • Your Favorite Coffee House – I love this playlist. I actually turn it on at work sometimes too just as a way to settle down. Usually higher speed music gets me going, but this one helps me wind down a little bit. 
  • Pop Chillout – Pop music set for chilling out. Can it get any more chill?
  • Evening Chill – Enough said. Turn it on, have a glass of wine and grab a book. Background music is set. 

Honestly, at the end of the day if you can’t decide which playlist you want to try first, click on the mood section of Spotify. You will be set for hours.

If you haven’t taken the time to download Spotify yet, you really should. I have it on my phone and two different computers. No doubt it has changed the way I listen to music.

Do you use Spotify?
Favorite Playlist?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I am quite fond of Spotify. I like that I am able to make playlists of the songs I like, and I know exactly what I am going to get. I often listen to the Coffeetable Jazz playlist.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been looking for some new playlists. I’ve just started working from home and now I’m streaming music all the time.

  3. Thank you! I absolutely LOVE spotify and have been searching for good workout tunes. I’m glad to know there are already existing playlists out there to keep me moving!

  4. I’ll check out the lists. I tend to switch between Spotify and Pandora. Most of the time I listen to EDM but I do have an eclectic taste in music. Thanks for sharing!

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