TV Thursday – Madam Secretary, The Bachelor & The Biggest Loser

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Somehow every show I watch started back up at the exact same time. Two nights a week my four favorite shows take place. While this isn’t a terrible thing, the problem is they generally fall around Little Man’s bedtime so it means catching up later in the week. I’m caught up on all but one show this week, so we’ll talk Downton Abbey another night. How about Madam Secretary, The Bachelor & The Biggest Loser instead? As much as I wanted to do recaps, it seemed better to just discuss the best parts once every few weeks, are you with me?

Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary
(Image from CBS)

From the minute we met the McCord family I was in love. The first show I make a point to get caught up on (or try and catch when it airs) is Madam Secretary. The show is on CBS but season one is also available on Netflix. Right now they are on a few week break until the Super Bowl is over, but that means you have time to binge watch season 1 and get caught up on season 2.

Last week’s Madam Secretary was (as usual) eventful but fun. While Elizabeth was dealing with politics Henry and Blake got to take on the neighbors who are unhappy with the McCord family sharing a street with them. You know, the extra Secret Service is a hindrance not added security for them.

I love that at the end of the day Henry and Elizabeth can put everything aside and be the parents/married couple they need to be for their sanity. Both of them are in positions where they can’t share much and I love seeing them come together. Without a doubt, my favorite quote from last weeks episode was:

“I never thought I’d say this but don’t get too close to the Buddhist Terrorist” – Henry

Seriously, can you get politics, family & religion in a room and make it funny? The creators of Madam Secretary have managed to!

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser 2016
(Image From Parade Magazine)

I’ve taken a few seasons off from watching The Biggest Loser. It’s gotten a lot of negative feedback and it really just is not the same without Jillian. With Bob as the host this year I decided to give it a try. The episodes are much more fast paced and there are two weigh-ins per week. This part drives me a little crazy but I’m always hoping for long term success for the contestants.

Since the episodes cover two weeks each week, they changed teams already during the second week. I’m shocked at how incredibly quickly the teams changed. It was three weeks in so it really wasn’t as fast as it seemed but it was hard to tell that they had built the relationships they said they had with the trainers. 

While I haven’t quite developed a favorite yet, I wasn’t sad to see Richard go home the week he did. He is very much a game player but he was very whiny and you could tell was just unhappy at the ranch. 

I do love how even though Bob is the host, he’s still working them out from time to time. Also, it is nice to see that not all of the temptation challenges are about food. In season’s past that has been the part that always gets them in trouble with the trainers. This year it is a nice change of pace to see them be tempted by real life. 

I’ll keep watching it for now, we’ll see how it all unfolds. I probably won’t be hooked to the TV on finale night like I have in the past, but we’ll see!

The Bachelor – Ben

Ben Higgins - The Bachelor
(Image From ABC)

Ah yes, the drama filled The Bachelor and newly added show Bachelor Live. I’ve been trying to keep up with both of the shows and here are my thoughts.

First things first, I feel like there was A LOT more crazy brought into this season than in seasons past. The first night there is usually one or two girls who are a little bit nuts, but I felt like half of the girls were more than a little bit nuts. As the season is playing out, it is nice to see those who are taking a backseat and those who are causing the drama separating a bit. Do these girls not realize that it’s the ones who don’t cause drama who usually win?

My Favorite: Right now my favorite is Lauren B. Her date with Ben could’ve been the end of the season as far as I was concerned. Both of them, the way they talked, the way they acted, the way they just hung out together seemed completely at ease. Can she just win now?

Can’t Wait Till She Leaves: Olivia. Generally speaking the girl walking around saying “he is my husband” is not going to make it all that far. She’s just annoying now.

I’m not exactly excited about Becca being back on the show, I am afraid she’s going to wind up as the next Bachelorette. I think it’s time for her to move on, maybe to paradise? I just don’t see them connecting.

As for Bachelor Live, this has quickly become one of my favorite shows to watch each week. I love the commentary, the old scenes from bachelor and the spotlight they’ve put on current and former bachelor/bachelorette couples!

Each episode has a little bit of Bachelor in Paradise references thrown in but last week Jorge the bartender form Paradise got a shout out!

Paget Brewster: His Margarita’s are lethal
Chris Harrison: How do you think we make such great television

Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the bachelor don’t forget to watch these episodes. They’re hilarious.

What shows do you watch each week?
Bachelor Favorite? Least Favorite?
Still giving Biggest Loser a try?
Have you dropped everything to watch Madam Secretary yet?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I’m on the exact same page with you for the Bachelor. Lauren B is adorable and they belong together. The end! And Olivia, I feel like the producers are keeping her there because really, does he see anything in her?

  2. I have never heard of Madame Secretary! I am not much of a TV watcher, but I did watch the Bachelor this week.

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