15 Of My Favorite Things From 2015

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Favorite Things in 2015

As 2015 wraps up, I can’t pinpoint just one favorite thing from this year. If Oprah can make a list of her favorite things from 2015, why can’t I? I’ve got a lot of favorite things that I discovered this year from memories to purchases to new books. 2015 has been a good one. 

15 Favorite Books/Series

This year I jumped back into reading. Originally I started with a goal of 52 books and finished somewhere around 82, maybe 83 we’ll see how this week plays out. I discovered a ton of new authors and have so many more books I want to read in the next year! In no particular order, my favorite books (or series of books) from 2015. 

  1. Thunder Road – Book Two Comes Out Soon! I can’t wait. 
  2. Stephanie Plum – Yea, it is safe to say this was the top of my list this year!
  3. Pepper Jones – Running, drama, romance… yes, please!
  4. Cadence: Secrets of Wings – My sister-in-law wrote a book and I think everyone should read it!
  5. Meb For Mortals – This was not a book that necessarily told a story, but it was a wonderful book that I think all runners should read. 
  6. Ritter University – Easy read and a few cheesy romance novels. This series caught my eye earlier this year and I can’t wait to see what ones come up next from it!
  7. Ice Series – I read the whole series pretty quickly, I loved the storyline and the fact that there are two more series associated with it. 
  8. Paper Towns – This one had my mind rattled for awhile and I am still trying to process the whole book. Favorite or not it was a wonderful book. 
  9. StarGirl – I wound up gifting this book to a few pre-teen girls this year over Christmas. I loved the lessons learned from StarGirl and I think its great to share with others. 
  10. Astronaut Wives Club – Also my favorite TV Show of the summer if you are a nerd at all like me definitely check out Astronaut Wives Club!
  11. Rules of Seduction – A new girl lost in LA, meets the star of a hit TV series. Cheesy and perfect for a weekend read. 
  12. It’s Not About Perfect – Most gymnastics books I read about a gymnasts career spend more time focusing on the negative than the positive Shannon Miller’s book was a wonderful combination of her entire career. All gymnastics fans need to read this ASAP. 
  13. 4:09:43 Boston 2013 Through The Eyes of The Runners – An incredibly interesting perspective on the Boston Marathon bombings from those who were running it. 
  14. Upstairs At the White House – The history of American Presidents as told by a White House employee. He outlines the good days, the bad days and the “normal” days in the White House. 
  15. Little Women – Does it count if I’ve read it before? I re-read Little Women this year and went through all of the emotions with the Marsh girls all over again. 

15 Favorite Moments/Memories

It was hard to pull JUST 15 of my favorite memories from this year. 2015 has been such a fun year and watching Little Man grow up and try new things has made it even more fun. 

  1. Fourth of July – My favorite holiday of the year, this year was no exception.
  2. Short Vacation in France – There is never enough time to catch up, but we always pick up right where we left off. 
  3. Three Days in Vegas – Adults only, lots of memories, non-stop fun. The only thing missing was sleep.
  4. Christmas With a Toddler – It doesn’t get any better than this. 
  5. Glass City Half Marathon – Hands down my favorite race this year and one that I’m incredibly proud to have finished. 
  6. Buddy Guy In Concert – Date night with my husband and a blues legend in concert. 
  7. Notre Dame vs. Navy Football Game – My first Notre Dame game and we were sitting on the field.
  8. Warrior Dash – A test of skill, strength and energy. So much fun!
  9. Friday Night Lights – We never made it through a full football game this year, but spending time watching what we could of them was a lot of fun. 
  10. Jersey Boys and Sushi – I finally got to share one of my favorite musicals with my husband. Then we ate some pretty awesome sushi!
  11. Trying Something New – Last year I joined a volleyball team and had a blast. Not only did I realize I’m terrible at volleyball but I had a lot of fun and plan on doing it again. 
  12. Cookie Day – Baking, running around, sugar highs and Christmas cookies all rolled up into one day.
  13. Halloween Weekend – I think Little Man got the hang of the Trick or Treating thing. 
  14. Easter Weekend – Church, Easter Eggs, Food, Happy Little Man. 
  15. Summer – It is hard to pinpoint just one part of summer that I loved. We had so many wonderful Summer memories. 

15 Favorite New Finds This Year

From TV shows to random internet finds I’ve done a good job finding some fun this year. Most of these are completely random and make no sense but they are a few of my favorite things from 2015. 

  1. Erin Condren Planner For Next Year – My year started this week, I’m so excited for the fresh and clean planner!
  2. Candy Corn Leggings & Christmas Light Leggings – Can you really go wrong?
  3. Under Armor Fleece Lined Hoodies – Somehow I now own four of them, oops!
  4. Jackery Mini Portable Charger – It was a Christmas present from my mom to my husband this year and we use it all of the time.
  5. Roden + Fields Umblemish – Finally, a face wash that works.
  6. Stitch Fix – Someone picks out your clothes for you? Sold!
  7. S’Mores Oreos – Two of my favorite things in one cookie, yup it was a winner.
  8. Fabletics – A monthly subscription to workout clothes. Must have for all runners and yoga lovers. 
  9. Pomegranate Seeds – How did I miss these before? One of my favorite snacks. 
  10. I can’t keep calm, I’m two – Whoever made this shirt is a genius. Don’t worry I found it for a three-year-old too. 
  11. Kindle – I got a new Kindle at the end of last year and it was one of the best purchases, so were the books I bought with it. 
  12. Thug Life shirts – I have yet to purchase one, but I can’t decide which one is my favorite. 
  13. Madam Secretary – Okay, technically this was end of 2014, but I still love every minute of this show. Even if they did leave us hanging for almost a month. 
  14. Infusion Water Bottle – Fresh fruit and water got me through this summer. 
  15. Chocolate Donut Kcups – Seriously, the best kcups (second only to Gingerbread) that you will have. 

15 Favorite New To Me Blogs This Year

I discovered a lot of new blogs this year. Some are food related, some are lifestyle and some are simply just a mommy blog. I highly recommend checking all of these ladies out. 

  1. My Healthyish Life
  2. In It 4 The Long Run
  3. Life In Leggings
  4. Simply Clarke
  5. Two Martinis
  6. Pretty Little Grub
  7. Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles
  8. The Blissful Balance
  9. A Cup of Kellen
  10. It Starts With Coffee
  11. An Uncomplicated Life
  12. Casual Claire
  13. Suzlyfe
  14. Emilie Eats
  15. Simply Taralynn

What are some of your favorite things from 2015?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your list. I have a lot of other great bloggers to check out now too. Wish we had those Smores Oreos in Canada, they sound amazing!

    1. Of course, thanks for writing an awesome blog! The S’mores oreos are the best ones I’ve found!

    1. I’m glad to hear others are using it! I used a cheaper one last year and decided I needed a good one this year!

    1. Definitely check out the Erin Condren planner and the books! Happy 2016!

    1. I’ve heard her teachers planners are awesome! I love my new one!

  2. I enjoyed reading your lists! I am always looking for good books to read and liked your recommendations! Thanks!

    1. There were some great ones I read this year! Those were my favorites though!

  3. Love your 2015 favorites! I need to rediscover reading in 2015 and will definitely consider some of your recommendations! Happy New Year!

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