Buddy Guy in Concert & Weekend Fun

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Buddy Guy in Concert

It seems like lately whenever Monday rolls around it takes me a day or two to process our weekend. With only one thing on the calendar this weekend I was looking forward to a weekend of cleaning. You know you’re an adult when suddenly washing floors and cleaning up the yard become your weekend goals.

Friday night college basketball season officially kicked back off (with non-exhibition games) so we were able to watch Indiana and Valpo bring home their first wins of the season. After the games and everyone in my house fell asleep I was able to have a two hour call (and a large glass of wine) to catch up Karissa. We both have been busy lately and it was so incredibly nice to catch up with my “sister”.

Saturday night we finally got a chance to celebrate our anniversary. I bought my husband tickets to go see Buddy Guy in concert so we were able to make a night of it complete with loaded nachos and delicious martinis.

Buddy Guy was amazing. He is 79 years old so to be honest we didn’t expect much out of the concert. I had bought the cheaper tickets and we managed to move to closer seats. With the concert starting at 8pm I thought for sure we would be out of there by 10. I didn’t factor in an opening act but I also didn’t expect Buddy Guy to play for almost two hours!

From the second Buddy Guy stepped on stage he was constantly entertaining. Not only was his music amazing but he had stories to tell, jokes to be made and he was constantly interacting with the crowd. If someone would yell something out, he would respond.  My pictures weren’t the best, but I was relying on no flash and an iPhone. I did however grab a little bit of video!

I would highly recommend seeing him in person, regardless of your musical taste. There is a reason his bar is called Buddy Guy’s Legends. He has stories of playing with B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix and countless other musicians. By the end of the night he had his son and his 16 year old opening act out on stage with him for a mix of songs. It was a wonderful night and we were shocked when we realized it was 11:15!


Sunday (after our typical Sunday waffles) we had an unusually warm fall day so we got lucky with a trip to the park. It was 70 degrees outside so we spent a good 45 minutes on the slide and the swings. There is no denying it, I will miss the park this winter. Every time we take our “last trip” I spend our walk home hoping that the snow will stay away and we can spend all Winter outside!

I had been trying to convince Little Man to take a nap after our late night Saturday night. Luckily he eventually fell asleep in the stroller after the park but it wound up resulting in an almost 6 mile walk for me, at least I got a workout in!

Little Man is slightly Christmas obsessed right now. He has been asking for weeks to put up the Christmas tree and “splash in the snow”. I finally caved this weekend and let him put up a little tree in his room. About 5 minutes after it was up and “decorated” he started asking to go buy the big tree. He has a few more weeks on that one, but it is safe to say it is going to be a fun Christmas this year watching him!

If you can’t find me the rest of the day, I’ll be off reading Tricky Twenty-TwoStephanie Plum is BACK!

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever seen Buddy Guy before?
Are you a Stephanie Plum fan?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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